Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Cheat in a relationship

Which Zodiac Signs are likely to cheat

She flirted with you the very first time you met. You instantly fell in love with her flirty, fun-loving personality, but now you worry, worry, worry if she is cheating on you, if she is dating others behind your back. In another scenario, your love interest has only men as her friends. She swears it’s all platonic between her and her gang of all boys, but you have doubts and suspicions crowding your mind and you suspect it’s more than just friends. Before you reach for her phone, her laptop to spy on all that’s going on in her life, stop in your tracks, as detailed below are the traits of the sun signs that may make those from those signs, perhaps, the more adventurous kind.


Popular and a natural crowd-puller, the Aries woman loves basking in the glory of adoration and compliments. She is the life of any party she attends and there are many who can’t keep their eyes off her. She is the temptress who is susceptible to temptation, but there are many factors that have to occur for her to cheat on her mate. As she is a dynamic go-getter, a partner who drags her down in some way, or tries to stop her from being herself may make her secretly stray. The same goes if she feels disrespected or taken-for-granted.


Librans are so creative that creative energy literally flows in their veins. All this creative energy looks for expression, as also, positive reinforcement and appreciation from their beloved. Libran women like to dress well; they take good care of themselves and their overall appearance. This, along with their intelligent and superb sense of humor attracts many potential partners to them. Although very loyal when in a committed relationship, feeling unappreciated or unloved in a relationship may cause a Libran woman to stray.


Scorpios love people. They love being in the company of other people. They are sociable and they adore being the center of attention. This is one reason that scorpions usually have a list of friends and acquaintances that can get a mile long. Boredom can make a Scorpio woman look for ways to spice up her life. Neglect from her partner can also drive her into the arms of one of her very many admirers.


Here’s the star sign that detests the notion of conformity. For the independent-minded Aquarius, experimentation to find out who they are, what kind of life and life style they want to live is the way to be. The Aquarius woman may feel stifled in a relationship that is too conventional. She likes the thrill of discovering other ways of living life. She gives her mate equal freedom, as well. For her, the word cheating may never cross her mind, as, for her, if she wants to explore options, she may discuss a more open relationship with her mate.

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