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Navneet Khanna

I can say that you and your husband need to have a very open and unbiased talk of how you want your relationship to be going forward. I can suggest you dates when you could be pregnant but I do not want that you repeat what has happened earlier.

As I can see you have severe issues with his parents and they have issues with you. It may be easier than done , but if that is the bone of contention , you need to talk about it with your husband, take him into confidence and handle it. You need to learn to be diplomatic in how you put across the message to your husband. Generally when we want to suggest something , we have a habit of making it into a complaint, which would irritate the other person. So instead of getting him on our side , we only complicate things further.

You also need to acknowledge that there is a generation gap between his parents and you. They will never think alike. When you have children tomorrow, which I really wish you do, your children would never think like you.

I feel all problems can be handled provided you and your partner are willing to solve it. And last thing do not blame yourself entirely for the abortion, it was a collective decision and you were not alone in it. The only sad thing is that the tensions at home took its toll on a child which which never came in this world. It is truly sad. I wish that good wisdom prevails on everyone and you and your family finds happiness again.

Keep fast on Mondays and recite Mantra “Om sarva mangal mangalye shivay sarvathe sadikhe. Sharnaye triyambake gauri narayani namostuthe” 108 times daily


Navneet Khanna

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