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Reply To: career & marriage issues

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While the overall matching of both your horoscopes is Very Good, you will be dominated very much by your husband since he has a very powerful horoscope and you have only a mediocre horoscope. The matching of 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th houses is just average and the 2nd house matching is just satisfactory. Please read my blog which will give you the significations of each house and the planets.

The 4th house indicating your mental happiness is pretty poor in your horoscope and you are one who imagines things and expects them to really happen. This tendency will mar your happiness and there will be instances of your husband ignoring you for your this weakness. So is the 5th house and 6th house with respect to its significations. Read my blog well and you will be better enlightened.

The solution to your problem is getting an employment as early as possible to keep your mind away from your hallucinations or be occupied always like in singing, painting, gardening, cooking or any other tricks within your means. Reciting Garuda Dandaka, Narayanakavacha and the like will also bring you some added spiritual realisations.

In short you have to live with it. Your husband is not at fault.

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