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Thanks for giving this information.

1) just wanted to double confirm that for the line you said “As both charts have Mangal dosham , they are compatible on this front.” means there is no problem with manglik point.. please confirm.

2) on other note can you please check a complete thing on Bhakoot and Nadi dosha for us so that we can take remedy steps / pujas to cancel that dosha and go forward.

3) Also, i somehow know that if we do mahamyruthyujaya mantra and donate some grains and cloth to saint this will be removed / marry mahadeva Vishnu first before my actual marriage etc..i know that if the dosha is not complete then these remedy steps can be taken to get Dosha total cancel. can you please check that dosha is not complete so that we can work on these remedy steps. please let me know correct process for those things to follow to remove that dosha..

4) on other note, if we do register marriage / Aryan marriage process then can we over come all these issues since we will be following a different methodology in that way?

5) when should we start to work on these remedy steps..i mean how advance we need to do before marriage. like 6months before / just before marriage.

6) since we are in relation for more than 11 + years now we know 100% each and every corner of both of us and also we have overcome any issue that came across in any way .so if we go ahead with full confidence this will not be problem?
please confirm.

Please let me know answers for all the above.


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