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Why we cannot say when you will get married and whom you will marry is because that is determined by God and no astrologer has got the ability to read His mind. What we see in a horoscope is only an evaluation of the planetary positions at the time of your birth(which again is often mis-noted and what is noted down is only an approximate time). What we give in astrological readings are only indications and the probability percentages and it need not always come true due to the uncertainties of time of births and sometimes lack of sufficient knowledge of the axioms of astrology.

And finally what is the definition of marriage. Read my articles on “Definitions on Astrology”

Using ‘u’ as your name in posts usually puts off we people who answer to your questions. It is a very impersonal way of communication and we develop a sense of detachment when we write to you. Astrology can never be used for predictions and it is only for evaluation and should be used as Road signs by a motorist. It just gives you some forewarning.

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