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    Ketna vyas

    Respected Sir, my DOB 14 August 1974, at 8-24 am , Rajkot-Gujarat, right now I am running shani-Venus dasha, please tell me how will be my shani-sun and rest of shani mahadasha over all , specially my financial situation overall, do I ever get good financial matters in my life, how will be in my mercury mahadasha after this finish , financial as well? Thanks you

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    Navneet Khanna

    Saturn is not a great planet as per your horoscope, reason is it is forming Vish dosha that is conjoined with Saturn and Moon in the house of gains. Saturn is natural malefic and Moon is functional malefic in your horoscope and both are in house of gains which is never good. 11th house is gains from profession.

    The Saturn and Sun period is never good. They are two highly contradictory energies. It will be a challenging phase you need to do remedies of Saturn for reducing the malefic effects of Saturn.

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      Ketna vyas

      Thank you Navneetsir, By aspect from Guru to 11 house on shani and moon ‘s bad effect decrease by any point? So far I am doing ok professionally not great but I am making my living so it will go worse by that time? I am in business so might loose my business? That kind of challenge I have to face? What are the remedy for Saturn? Please help

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