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best time for me to get married and how is my career

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    Good evening dear sir. My name is Raj,
    And I recide in Malaysia. I’m a student now, but I would want to know the best time for me to get married(age), and whether I will have a happy married life with a family or not. And how will my career will progress.

    My details :
    DOB : 15th March 1993
    TIME : 6.20 A.M.
    PLACE : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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    You certainly have Santhana Yoga and you will have your first child in the last quarter of 2015 positively or earlier. Perhaps it would be better to check your spouse’s horoscope too because there is a slight tinge of Manglik in your horoscope with a highly potent Kuja in your 7th house. But mostly it gets nullified by good aspects. Do read all my articles on this site as well as on my blog

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    Heello… Muje kb aur kitni santan hogi. My dob is 13 dec 1987… Time 19:20… Place. Bikaner

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    What is meaning of this reply. Mene santan kb aur kitne honge uske bare m pucha tha

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    Obviously you are not able to evaluate your mark sheet of life. So I have deleted it. I am sure you would have evaluated your Matriculation mark sheet. If not I will explain.

    Aap ka bacha hone ki sambhavana bahut kam hai. Agar hoga bhi, aap bachom ki khushi zyada nahi leh payegi. Kitne bache paida karega, yeh koyi bhi nahi bata sakte.

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    And thank you sir.

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    You have an average horoscope with 40.31% strength. Your career house is not quite potent with a strength of 36.82% with a return conforming to it with a 35.29% strength or potency. Just have pass marks. That’s all.

    Your marital happiness also has only just pass mark of 36.20% and I expect that the marriage might take place only by about 2023.

    Are you sure that your time of birth is correct? To check it the best method is check whether your educational success was just satisfactory or not. If it is excellent I am sure your time of birth could be inaccurate. If it were only just average with about 48% success, perhaps the time of birth is correct.

    Do let me have your feedback. And if you think the strength is more or less correct, you can have a full evaluation of your horoscope if you come through Premium Services.

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    Im actually studying MBBS, and im fairing quite well in my studies. I wouldn’t say average, probably just above average, so I have no complaints.

    Sorry sir but what do you mean strength?

    Does that mean marriage is in my stars? And a successful career?

    My birthdate is 15th March 1993 and birth time 6.20 A.M. (morning) as stated on my birth certificate.

    Please recheck and let me know sir. Thank you so much.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 24 total)
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