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Bhakoot Dosh – In Dilemma

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    Dear Sir,

    My parents are searching for a girl for me and liked one profile. Astrology details of both of us are mentioned below

    Boy Details
    Date of Birth : 14-July-1986
    Place of Birth : Mauranipur (U.P.)
    Time of Birth : 20 : 35 (8:35 PM)

    Girls details
    Date of Birth : 20-Sept-1989
    Place of Birth : Konch (M.P.)
    Time of Birth : 9 : 50 AM

    Girls side pandit says that the Bhakoot dosh are cancelled by friendliness of grahes, Kundli is OK and marriage can be done.

    But as per our Pandit Kundli match is not appropriate due to Bhakoot dosh and hence marriage is not appropriate.

    sir, request you to please advice on the same.

    Thank you !

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    Bhakoot dosha is not all that big a dosha. Most of the pandits who are poorly enlightened in Astrology match the horoscopes using only the Moon’s placements while all the nine planets are important in matching horoscopes. The traditional method used these days by most astrologers for horoscope matching are similar to buying a car looking at its paint. For a deeper understanding you read my articles on where you will find that there is a composite way of matching horoscopes discussed.

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    Thank you for your response. Sir, Can you please advice if marriage is possible in my case.

    Thank you.

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    Yes, you will have come through Paid services since it involves quite some time to evaluate both the horoscopes and do the matching process. It is not a few minutes job of cursorily looking at the charts and coming to a sweeping conclusion.

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    Navneet Khanna

    The ashtkoot Guna milan score as per your horoscope matching is 23.5 Gun matching out of 36. Which is much higher than 18 that is minimum required for marriage. There is a 9-5 Bhakoot dosha. There are three types of Bhakoot dosha and the one you have is 9-5 bhakoot. It is primarily related to love, romance and children. You can read more about the bhakoot dosha in the link given below.

    What is Bhakoot Dosha

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