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    when will I buy my own house?
    4:48 am
    Sharjah, United arab emirates
    Thank you

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    There is nothing like your own house. You are only a temporary resident in this globe and so is with a house. Whether it is a rented house or a house you have purchased, it is only a place where you sleep and there is no guarantee that you will wake up the next morning. And what we call own house is never your own, since you have to pay a tax to the government to stay in the house like property tax, building tax and the like. If it were your own, you should not have to pay someone to stay there. And even if you stay in a hotel room, once you have paid the rent, the room is your own for a temporary period and no one will disturb you or evacuate you during the tenure of your stay there. Is it not?

    Astrology can never predict whether you will have your own house since even your life is not guaranteed and we do not know our lifespan. Wayside astrologers might give you a reply to your question, but it will be without any basis and they will only be bluffing to please you.

    Do read my blog and you will be wiser with respect to such mundane things in life..

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    There are chances in last week of November 2017 or in December 2017. You will face tensions and troubles in purchase of house. So take all precautions.
    Good Luck
    JVS Rao

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    Thank you,

    Venus-Saturn dasha is full of tensions and delay.
    I will wait for my venus-Mercury for buying house.
    Mr RAO, please tell me how is my venus-saturn-rahu and venus-saturn-jupiter dasha?
    My jupiter will transit at my 8th house I think I am very spritual at that period as I am in dasha of 8th house lord Venus

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    If you know astrology, I am happy because you can understand my analysis in KP method.
    Venus is in 1st house conjoined with Mercury and Sun. Venus, Mercury and sun are aspected by Saturn from 7th house (Tula rasi). Saturn is in trine aspect to 4th cusp. Again Rahu is in 2nd house. So I have taken the period Ven-Sat-Rahu for purchase of house in November and December.
    If you take transit of Saturn, it will be in Mercury (4th house) star and Saturn (11th house) sub. Jupiter will be in Mars star (karaka for buildings), Rahu will be in Merc star and Ketu in Mars star. As Mars is 8th lord in 8th, I have given precaution because 8th house is the seller’s 2nd house. Saturn will not allow any planet to give any result, if it is a significator.
    Venus has significations through star lord Ketu 8,1,3. Ketu is in the star of Saturn lord of 11th in 7th.
    Saturn has significations through star lord Rahu 2,8,1,3 and through Sublord Mars 10,9.
    Rahu has significations through star lord Moon 12,5,2,7 through sub lord Jupiter 10,9.
    If you combine these 3, you will get the answer. Tensions through the people you deal with, communication, short journeys, unnecessary expenditure, circumstances arise to change job, overwork, monetary loss etc. Purchase of house as I discussed above.
    Jupiter has significations 1,2,3,10,9 and through sub lord Rahu 12,5. Jupiter is in sextile aspect from Saturn 11th lord.
    There would be spiritual bent by taking mantra and success. Success through profession monetary gains etc. Expenditure through children. This is exhaustive.
    These are my views as per KP astrology.
    Good Luck.
    JVS Rao

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