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Chronic disease

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    Is there any chronic disease in my chart if yes in which period should I be careful.
    05.10.1986, 11.55 a.m, agra
    I ask this question as I have family history of chrobic diseases like cancer and diabetics

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    Ulcer, gall bladder stone, kidney and liver problems cannot be ruled out in your horoscope since your 5th, 6th and 8th houses are comparatively weak. It is better be to be careful right from now onward and take only saathwik food ( Simple vegetarian food including Milk and allied products)

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    I don’t foresee chances of chronic or life threatening disease in this chart if time/date of birth are correct.

    Good things from health pov in horoscope

    1) Lagna lord Jupiter is in 3rd house in its own nakhshatra with Jupiter itself as Sublord (Jupiter is retrograde and hence can make you worrysome)
    2) 5th lord of good health Mars is exalted in second house aspecting its own house. Mars is in star of 9th lord Sun and has Saturn as its sublord
    3) 6th and 8th lord Venus & Moon are in 11th house of gains with Mercury (with no bad combination for health in nakshatra or sublord). All 3 planets are aspected bt Jupiter promising good health
    4) Cuspal sublord of 5th house is Venus placed in 11th house and Cuspal sublord of 11th house Mercury is placed in 11th house as well (promising quick recovery)

    You will start Saturn Mahadasha from 2019 for ~18 years (after 16 years of Jupiter Mahadasha which should have been good). Saturn placed in 12th house and aspect 5th lord Mars. Saturn being natural karaka of bad health might give worries related to 5th house matters such as liver (as mentioned by Mr. TMR) but you will recover as Saturn has Mars as sublord (which is lord of 5th house and yogakaraka).

    You should be cautious about issues related to your legs/feet as 11th house as Moon and Venus (watery planets and not good for your ascendant). Might give problems related to legs/feet.

    Good luck,
    Astrologer Deepak

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    @ TMR Sir I do have Kidney stone, gastric Problem and Cholestrol problem

    @ Deepak SIr-Legs pain is acute I have consulted Doctor they say muscles are weak

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    Read my blog, particularly the article on Medical astrology. You will do well if you consult a good Ayurvedic physician and follow his advice. Your Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are weak.

    Planet Net Strength Nature

    Sun 5.34 Malefic
    Moon 60.57 Malefic
    Mars 86.86 Benefic
    Mercury 57.21 Benefic
    Jupiter 22.18 Benefic
    Venus 38.19 Malefic
    Saturn 30.99 Benefic
    Rahu 57.02 Benefic
    Kethu 60.91 Benefic

    Net 48.64 Benefic

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    You are still under Jupiter Mahadasha till 18/8/2019. Jupiter being lagna lord, karaka of good health, placed in 3rd house aspecting 11th house and transiting in 11th house from Sep 2017 offers a great chance to push for remedy to get into better shape.

    Try to get things sorted before Saturn Mahadasha as much as you can. As Mr. TMR mentioned, following medical advice and treatment will help.

    Also chanting Jupiter beej mantra 21000 times in 21 days will help find the right way.

    Good luck,
    Astrologer Deepak

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswaara rao

    You have to follow holistic healing method for
    minimum 6months.
    Please see in google–kumrao99 holistic healing.

    Planets and Ayurveda
    It is absolutely necessary for you to do penance
    for 6months to reduce the evil effects of
    4.UPanishads say -Aapo Brahma..It means water is God.
    You should take daily two baths with cold water.
    One of them should be on head.
    5.YOu will constant ailment as Sani is seeing lagna.
    Astrology and Ayurveda are sister sciences.
    Ginger has got great importance in Ayurveda.
    Daily eat 10gms of ginger.
    6.Purchase Amritarishta bottle from Ayurveda shop.
    It contains liquid extract of herb Guduchi.
    It costs rs 120.
    Daily drink 20drops of that liquid medicine.
    Ayurveda says Guduchi removes so many doshas in
    body.Bad planets cause doshas in body,due to
    your Prarabdha(Past life bad Karma).
    7.Penance means undertake fasting for one day in
    a week.YOu can eat uncooked vegetables on the day of

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    Thanks all esteem astrologers for guiding me

    That means Ii will have an average lifespan of 50+

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