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dainya parivartan yoga

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    sohil makwana

    i am aquarian ascendant. having exhalted saturn (saturn in libra) in 9 th house and Venus (in capricorn) in 12th house.

    as saturn is exhalted.. does it called a dainya parivartan yoga? despite of being saturn exhalted? will it give poor result? what results are likely to with this yoga?

    a kundli without a parivartan yoga and a kundli with DAINYA parivaratan yoga… which one is better?

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    If the Parivartan happens between 1 and 9,it is mahapurush yoga.
    You will lose money due to romantic reasons ,due to dainya parivartan
    yoga.When Sukra is in 12th house,he will lose money and opportunities
    due to romantic relationships.
    It is serious evil in horoscope.
    You should avoid salt in the diet during nights.
    It is a kind of tapas.You have to do penance for
    six months.

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    sohil makwana

    my question was does it happen despite saturn is in exhalted position in 9th house and its his own kundli of saturn as its aquarius ascendant.

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