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Economy and marriage

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    Hello everyone

    I am interested in knowing about marriage and future economy.

    I would greatly appreciate your contributions.

    30 october 1990
    San Francisco, Cordoba, Argentina.
    Latitude: 31°26′00″S
    Longitude: 62°05′00″W


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    K.Umamaheswara Rao

    YOur lagna(ascendant) is Kumbha.
    Saturn is looking your ascendant.
    It indicates obstacles in your efforts.
    You will have some health problems.

    Moon is in second house.There is exchange of planets,
    between Moon and Jupiter.
    Your finances will be due to help from others or loans
    from others.
    Mars is looking 10th house.It shows a high level of dynamism.

    You are running Mercury period from 2013 to 2030.
    This period is just above average .
    This means this period is good ,but not very good.YOur
    finances will be good

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    Thanks for the answers, one more question that I forget. I have in mind to become independent and open a business in the not too distant future. Can you see if there is prosperity in this area?

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