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Government Job in my stars ?

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    Ashish Mishra

    HI Sir ,

    Please find my birth detail below and help me whether i will get government job (civil services)

    Ashish Mishra
    25 may 1986
    7:06 am
    Durg (Chattishgarh)

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    Your Mars is quite powerful and you are likely to get a job of commandeering in Defence, Police or allied services. The planetary dispositions are :

    Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

    Sun 59.61 14.70 85.30 Malefic
    Moon 54.88 95.47 2.60 Benefic
    Mars 61.75 54.95 24.85 Benefic
    Mercury 43.01 11.35 50.87 Malefic
    Jupiter 45.07 75.62 16.82 Benefic
    Venus 55.44 20.35 57.81 Malefic
    Saturn 39.25 32.02 21.84 Benefic
    Rahu 95.50 11.35 50.87 Malefic
    Kethu 95.50 75.62 16.82 Benefic

    Net 61.11

    We will wait till 2017 by which time you will know for certain. You have not given details of your educational background and expertise without which we cannot pin point your nature of job.

    Read my articles on my blog which will help you evaluate a horoscope.

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    Ashish Mishra

    I have completed my B-Tech in CSE and working as software engineer 🙂
    Can you please help me out .

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    Try writing for Combined Defence services examination. Job Satisfaction as a software engineer is hard to come by since that profession requires a very high degree of intelligence and logical mind which is absent in most software engineers these days. Most of the software engineers are on the bench in the software houses doing clerical jobs and are not good in programming and design. And that profession has now become the root cause of most evils in society these days. Read my profile on my blog. I belong to the first batch of computer professionals in India starting from 1964.

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    Ashish Mishra

    Thanks for your valuable comment and help Sir.
    I went to a astrologer some time back , he told me there is no chance of government job as my Sun and lagan lord in 12th house.will you please help me if there is some remedy and appropriate time when i will get it.

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    Your 5th and 12th houses are the most powerful in your horoscope. Do not worry about what he has told you. What these houses signify you will understand if you read my articles. Should you need a scientific evaluation of your horoscope, please come through paid services.

    You have two types of Vipareetha rajayoga and many other good yogas in your horoscope. Do not worry about life. A net residential strength of 61% is one of the best. None gets it more than 70%.

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    Ashish Mishra

    Thanks a lot Sir . 🙂

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