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mangal dosha

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    Hariom Tiwari

    Pandit Ji….I am having mangal dosha in moon 7th house but not in lagna(9th) but I am having satur in 4th house and a girl is having mangal dosha in lagna 7th house but not in moon house (10th)…mangal dasha is also running in her horoscope… We love each other(22.5-25) gun are matching but nadi dosha….can be a life partner without any life issues

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    A proper answer to your question can be got only through getting a Horoscope compatibility report giving the time of birth details of both. Read my article on this web site particularly the one on ‘Astrology – A new version’ and “Marriage Failures – How Astrology can help” or on

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    Hariom Tiwari

    Boys details…18 nov.1990…
    Time 02:10 am
    Place. Kanpur up
    Girls details…18 step.1990…
    Time 11:55 am
    Place .unnao up(very near from kanpur)

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    Hariom Tiwari

    Girl details is 18 sept.1990
    Time 11:55 am
    Unnao up

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    This is a premium/paid service and you will have to come through for the compatibility report to be prepared.

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    My birth date is 10march 1972. Time 5:30 am. Place is Lahore Pakistan. Is there mangal dosh in my chart? When will I get married?

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    Navneet Khanna

    looking at your horoscope, You are not manglik , however your 7th house of marriage and married life if not very strong. Sun rules the 7th house and is positioned in inimical sign of Saturn. Things on the marital front are not promising for you and even if you get married. Chances of separation are very much there. You need to make adjustments and compromises in life if you want to marry , it it likely that you want to live your life your own way, and not easy for others to adjust.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Hi. My DOB is 26 October 1966. Time around 12 noon and place jhang Pakistan. Someone told me that a bad period is coming for my marital life. There could be divorce. Do u think it’s right?

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