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    My father DOB is 3Jan1961 TOB is 5:00 PM, POB is : Kanpur, UP. Our astrologer has predicted that his “Markesh ” dasha is starting from 2019 and it will be really fatal. Can anyone provide any advice?

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    Markesh dasa does not prove fatal to a horoscope. It is just a bluff. You may have some problems during the markesh dasa. Death is not the only way to give problems. If we could predict Death by looking at Markesh dasa, then how simple life would have been. It is a foolish assumption that markesh dasa will bring the end of your life with allied body problems and diseases.

    Wayside astrologers take the meaning of horrible words to frighten you guys and get something extra. Read my blog Navagraha Astrology online to get a better insight into astrology.

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    venus dasa is current till march 2020. venus in star of yogakaraka for gemini lagan.

    badhaka guru is also in star of venus.

    there is no big problem during venus dasa how was his guru period ? which has already passed in 2013.

    ketu period for one year in 2019 needs to be take care of .. as venus is conjunct ketu

    venus dasa is giving good ishtakashta phaal..he only needs to take care of health in 2019 for about one year

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