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marriage and career

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    I am worried about my marriage my career is going very well but I usually feel I might get married to a person but after sometime it doesn’t work out. My details are 27th August 1985- 4.45am Rohtak haryana. Please let me know when will i marry ? is there any remedy ?

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    Your marriage life will start in about a year’s time. It is imperative that you should marry one with a good matching horoscope failing which the marriage may not work out. Read my blog for more details about ‘marital failures-how astrology can help’ on my blog

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    My rahu dasha and next Jupiter dasha how it is

    May 5th 1981, time 3:10am Hyderabad India

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    Dear Madhuri ji,
    You are likely to have a more than average married life. By the Mid, 2018 there is a chance of Marriage and Strongest time of Marriage is in 2022, second half.
    You must wear

    For more details and Remedies get my paid report, contact to me –

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    Your Rahu dasa will give you all improvements in your life both financial and family affairs.
    Rahu is in 5th. Rahu stars are unoccupied. Rahu is in the star of Saturn conjoined with Jupiter in 7th and Rahu is in the sub or Nars in 2nd. Mars is in the star of Sun in 2nd. Hence Rahu is connected to 5th, 7th, (feebly) 11th and 2nd houses. It indicates your inclination for love marriage. If you are married, you will get children. If you are in business it says the business in children items will flourish. If you are a doctor, as a paediatrician you will gain success. If you are an employee you will gain success in developing comics etc or through recreation activities.

    Jupiter is lord of 1st, 10th and 11th is in 7th conjoined with 12th lord Saturn and Jupiter is in the sub of Ketu in 11th. Ketu is in the star of Moon 6th lord in 2nd. Jupiter is sublord of 6th, 7th and 12th cusps. Jupiter is in trine aspect to 3rd and 9th cusps.
    You will have developments through self efforts in your profession. You will go abroad frequently on account of profession or your husband. There is no life danger as Jupiter aspects 3rd and 11th houses with favorable aspect. But there may be small ailments in your lower abdomen region and below.
    The results in the sub periods of bhukti lords change as per their significations. They will share the dasa lord Jup significations 1,7,10,11,2,5 (karaka for children) and modify them through their significations.
    This is exhaustive.
    Good Luck
    JVS Rao

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    Thanks sir. Iam married and having 2daughters ours is arranged marriage we are staying in abroad planning to buy house but we are not able to and I would like to know how my end of this rahu dasha will be and next coming Jupiter will be more beneficial or not.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    You will purchase a house after 02-10-2017 either in Rah – Moon or Rah – Mars.
    If it happens in Moon bhukti which is from 02-10-2017 to 03-04-2019, you will raise loan and purchase the house. Please take care while you enter into agreement, as Mercury lord of 4th is connected to Venus lord of 3rd and 8th.
    Good Luck.
    JVS Rao

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    Thanks sir. How will be my marital in rahu mahadasha ending and Jupiter mahadasha please tell

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      Dear madam

      jupiter maha dasa starting from 2020 will be better compared to previous rahu dasa, as jupiter is lagna and 10th lord and in star of sun the 5th lord..and in sub of ketu in 11th house..

      in navamsa too Guru is well placed in 9th house..may be you can go for higher learnings or skills up gradadtion

      your married life too will improve.

      more details at

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    Thanks sir.

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