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Marriage getting delayed

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    My dob is 17 july 1987, 12:50pm delhi r their any chances of love marriage in my kundli. Thnx

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    Read my blog article “Definitions in Astrology”. Love is nothing but infatuation and it need not necessarily end in marriage.

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    Yes sir u r absolutely right but I want to take advice from u that r der any chances in my kundli so that I can stop thinking in this direction if no chances are there. Thanku sir for ur advice.

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    Dear Yamini Ji,

    You can have a love marriage but Your chart actually has a strong connection of divorce or else separation.
    In Natal Chat, Marriage related planet ie, 7th house Lord and 7th House it self are not very supporting.

    However, In D9 chart, there are better indications of Marriage and life.

    If You are looking for a person as per Your family background, What I mean to say, if You are looking for wealthy , rich spouse , chances are that You will never get married.

    Your horoscope says, marrying a Guy of Lower status is suitable for You. Otherwise, Problems in married life is bound to come.

    And, You should have had few indications of Love during the year 2013 to 2015. Probably You ignored because of Guy’s lower Status.

    However, still there is a chance of marriage by the end of this year.

    For detailed clarification and Remedies and Analysis, come through a PAID consultation,

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      Sir pls tell me will i reunite with my husband and live happily or my life ends with divorce.i sent you emai sir pls check it sir.

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