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Reagarding My Health, Job and Marriage

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    Hello Sir/Madam

    Name: MS
    Sex: Male
    DOB: 31/01/1979
    Time: 11:20 PM
    Place: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    Lagna: Thula
    Rasi: Meena
    Star: Uthrabhadrapada
    Pada: 1

    Due to a Betrayal Happened to me in My Childhood, I’m not being healthy right from my Childhood, with great difficulty I did completed and secured a Degree in Information Technology But still I’m being jobless from past many years and also not yet married.

    From past Six years, I’m going through Ketu Mahadash and suffering with Depression and it became severe with Astama Shani and Rahu, and from past three years have slightly losing my balance too due to the above issues.

    So far I have done Prethadhara Narayana Bali, Sarva Prahischitha Pariharam and Thila Homa for Pitru Dosham at Rameshawaram and I’m wearing Emerald in Right Hand Little Finger, Coral in Right Hand Ring Finger and Pearl in Right Hand Middle Finger made in Silver.

    But still my problem is getting severe nowadays.

    My Question is when will I regain My Health and Mental Balance and settle in Job and Get Married.

    Thanks & Regards


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    Your 8th house is the weakest and this could bring you lot of distresses in life including health problems. However from 2018 onward Venus Mahadasa could brighten up a little.

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    Thank you for replying sir, is there any remedy for the above said problems, coz My mind is getting bombarded with totally unrelated thoughts and fears and also a lot of Mind-voices have made too much sick now.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Read Srikrishnakarnamrutham daily which will help you to put your mind at ease.

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