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Regarding mothers health and longevity

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    Mahima s

    Her details
    31st may 1969
    11:30 a.m.
    Pob- New delhi, India

    My mother has faced severe health issues since last year.. she has been put on a lifelong medication too. I would like for you to please tell me how does her health look in the future? And how is the longevity of her life?? Is she going to lead long healthy life?
    Plz help me sir

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    Her health is likely to deteriorate as she is getting older and associated problems will continue to be there. She will enjoy her Shashthyabdapoorthi(completion of 60 years of age) in the normal course and more.

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    Mahima s

    Thanks for replying sir
    Can i please ask u for some clarification
    U said in the normal course
    What does that mean sir?
    If she doesnt get sick only then she will enjoy 60th age?
    Or even with health detoriating she will livetill 60 and more?

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    Mahima s

    TMR sir..plz clarify

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    Very simple, if she continues her medication as has been advised by doctors she can enjoy her life to completion. Were you looking for an early death or something, your questions gives such an impression.

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    Mahima s

    Sir i have been under severe tension
    Actually, previously we had consulted one or two astrologers.. who gave negative opinions regarding her health and longevity of life. I have been active on ur forum since a long time and i have faith in this.. hence to put my mind at ease i posted my query here.

    My mother had suffered an isthemic stroke after which she is put on lifelong medication.. the fear always remains sir.
    And i dont want to loose her hence my worry.

    That is why i asked u about her longevity.

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    Mahima s

    So sir overall if the medicines are continued as prescribed all will go well?

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    You are right. I am also undergoing lifelong medication due to a possible heart attack 7 years before. I am running 73. Our longevity is unpredictable. Birth and death are still in God’s hands. Yesterday night at 1 a.m a neighbour died due to lightning strike while sleeping deep in his bed. Death is sometimes so sudden.

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