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    shri ram

    Hello TMR sir, Navneet sir,Umamaheshvara sir and all other astrology scholars…
    I m going to start a new business of marketing of medicines under my own treadmark in near future…
    Since i m facing financial problems to start it…
    Kindly help me to know..will i be able to arrange money and start this business…and yes will this business be profitable for me…
    Dob 30/4/1986
    Time 21:53
    Place-bonli ( dist. -sawaimadhopur)
    Long. 76.21 ,lat. 26.37

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    shri ram

    I m from rajasthan

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    You are unlikely to be successful in any chemicals related business since Rahu is weak in your horoscope. As per your horoscope when you work for 63 units, your return will only be 55 units incurring a loss of 8 units.

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    shri ram

    Thanks for your advice TMR sir…Plz let me know..
    What will be result if i start this business and file a loan by name of my wife named PRIYANKA….
    DOB- 7/2/1991
    TIME- 11:25

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    Whom are you trying to cheat? God or Astrology!!! Your wife will suffer if you have to suffer and you will suffer if your wife has to suffer. You can come through for independent evaluation of your horoscopes through paid services after reading my blog

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    There are many practical secrets in astrology or common sense
    gained by old people.
    Evil luck is shared by husband and wife jointly.
    There is a cosmic law of karma,where an ill lucky
    person gets only equally bad luck guy as spouse.

    Many people know they are not lucky.But they go for short
    cuts to make themseleves lucky.In the process,they lose
    lakhs and crores of rupees.It is not an easy thing to improve
    luck.There are many books in market who make huge profits
    by selling books on -Tips to success.
    Even big business people who consult number of astrologers,
    commit big blunders by risking their money ignoring the advice
    of majority of opinion of astrologers.
    They give more importance to single astrologer who speaks
    favourably about his horoscope.

    If you want to improve your luck,both of you have to
    do penance for one year .
    See the article in google-kumrao99 penance method.

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