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Scorpio women and a Cancer man

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    Im a Scorpio women and dating a cancer man he is so moody, to sensitive about everything. Often sleeping together but afterwards that is now he is very distant with me. Don’t want to talk just text. why he would do that . Always creating fuss about something or the other. I can’t take it he is full of drama. Please tell me how is a relationship between a Scorpio Woman and a Cancer Man.



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    Similar to the Relationship between Scorpions and Crabs. Though basically the relationship of the cancer man and Scorpio woman is full of love and passion but both of them find it difficult to follow the lead of the other partner and it causes some amount of problem. Both of them nurture secrets well but they both are uncomfortable if their partner hides something from them. He is not as intense as her and this can cause some fissure in the association. The willingness of the Scorpio female to take risks and enter into unknown situations is considered foolish by Cancer male while she finds him less courageous. He may also find her very suspicious while she may find her moody and cold at times. But these problems can be worked out once they both decide to be together because both are strongly determined people with a lot of respect for true love and sincere devotion.

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