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setback in alliance proposal again TMR JI

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    Neelam Mishra

    Place – Allahabad
    Time 11 : 54 am
    Date – 24 march 1991
    Namaste TMR sir,
    Sir Again i got setback in alliance proposal yesterday. My mother is extremely depressed so do I .Dont know whats happening as the boy family is ceasing to pick up the phone.Sir I have kaal sarp yog also another astrologer asked me to feed grams to cow but it is not working out. Sir Will i be able to get married to a good boy?
    Please reply sir.

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    Contact me with your expectations, demands and educational/career background and date, time and place of birth and a photo by email and if any matching horoscope comes to me for evaluation, I will let them know. Read my blog for more details.
    Incidentally you do not have a KalasarpaYoga. Jupiter is out of the loop. Some fake astrologer might have frightened you.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Your lagna is Midhuna.
    Good points-
    Sun and Budha in tenth house.
    2.Sukra is in eleventh house.
    Bad points.
    1.Sani is in eighth house and you are running Sani
    2.Kuja is seeing seventh house.
    Dont get frustrated.Try hard .You may get
    married in another 6 or 9months.
    You feed birds and animals to remove planetary evil.

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    raj sama

    Your problems are due to the weakness of Mars who rules current sub planetary period until sep 2017. the alliance proposals serve as hope and may not fructify. you have a volatile, ultra sensitive scattered mind with revolutionary ideas and views. you need to address this to make sound decisions.
    Raj Sama

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