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When will I get a job

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    DOB : 2nd Nov 1974
    Place of birth :Kalyan Thane

    Lost a very good job(terminated) from construction company due to politics on Dec 13 2017.
    Have a family with 2 small kids,wife(not working) and old parents with elder brother having down syndrome.
    When will I get a job and will the job be as good as one I lost?My father also became sick and has severe leg pain and balance problems
    Also I fell sick in month of September and was diagonsed
    with arthritis for shoulders,knees and finger joints? It is as if all the bad things are being done by somebody to our family.What do I do?
    Please help.

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    my time of birth is 10:00 am

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    Your career house is devoid of good income nor your second house is good indicating poor inheritance. You could have been warned if you had checked your horoscope earlier by an eminent astrologer. Now there is little point in crying over spilt milk. You have no option but to endure it. Also you have a Pravarjya Yoga which disables enjoyable married life.

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