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When will i get married

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    Hi sir,
    I am sharmili..I am in love with a boy who belongs to telugu naidu and i belong to SC…so strong opposition from his family for almost three he also changed saying he cannot ask his parents anymore..What should i do in this regard..Please kindly help..Can i get married to him or not??What kind of marriage i have and when will i get married??
    MY details:
    Tirunelveli,Tamil Nadu
    His details:
    Vellore,Tamil Nadu

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    if time/place of birth are correct, you have good chances of marriage during Rahu-Mars period starting from 2/10/2017 till 20/10/2018 (although your Mars is deep combust). Also current transit of Jupiter over ascendant and Saturn in 3rd house is conducive for marriage as both Jupiter/Saturn will aspect 7th house. If due to some unforeseen reasons/family issues, you don’t get married during this time Jupiter Mahadasha starting from 20/10/2018 for 16 years is great and Jupiter-Jupiter period of 20/10/2018 to 8/12/2020 is excellent for marriage.

    Your boyfriend is starting Moon Mahadasha from 7/9/2017 and his moon is placed in second house of family. Also second house lord is exalted in 9th house in lagna. He will most likely stay under influence of his family.

    For query regarding whether your desire to get married to him will be fulfilled or not, please provide a number between 1 to 249 as such questions are best answered by prashna lagna.

    God bless you,
    Astrologer Deepak

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    Sharmili V

    Thank you for replying sir..i would like to choose number 125

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    prashna lagna shows that your intention are clear and genuine. With tremendous effort your desire to marry your current boyfriend can be fulfilled with gods grace. Dasha bhukti antra planets are all from ruling planets at time of query and cuspal sublord of first house, ascendant lord, eleventh house lord are well placed showing fulfillment of desire. Also benefic planets in trine houses is good.

    Patience, acceptance and calm attitude will be the key. My sincerest wishes are with you!

    Good luck!
    Astrologer Deepak

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    Sharmili V

    Thank you sir.. If you don’t mind, I would also like to know whether his horoscope holds any possibility of love marriage? And when is his marriage period?

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    Navneet sir,
    Can you also give your opinion on this kindly please

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