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When will i get phd/job

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    Karthik Raman

    Respected Gurujans,

    Pranaam !!
    I am Karthik Raman, hailing from India.
    I now reside in Netherlands, europe from August 2011.
    I enrolled in the university of Netherlands for MS in Biomedical engineering.
    The degree was to be completed by Aug 2013, but is yet to be completed.
    I am looking for phd/job since March 2013 and till now no luck, but rejected everywhere.
    Me and my parents are going through a series of serious financial troubles dues to my study delay.
    I request all to comment when i would be getting a phd/job.

    My details:
    Name – Karthik Raman
    DOB – April 20, 1989
    TOB – 12:33:30 pm (as per hospital records)
    POB – Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    Thanking you in anticipation,
    Karthik Raman

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    The planetary dispositions of your horoscope are :

    Planet Good% Bad% Lifeless

    Sun 59.63 3.21 37.16
    Moon 5.43 2.23 92.34
    Mars 12.41 21.77 65.82
    Mercury 5.39 11.23 83.38
    Jupiter 31.65 26.40 41.95
    Venus 25.19 20.82 53.99
    Saturn 21.80 10.73 67.47
    Rahu 54.35 26.75 18.90
    Kethu 69.40 3.74 26.86

    31.70 14.10 54.21

    I am afraid you will get a Ph.D like qualification only by 2019 or around and you will also be well employed by then. Most probably you will be in the teaching profession. Perhaps you can try for some part time job in the meanwhile.

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    Karthik Raman

    Respected TMR Sir,

    Greetings !!
    Thank you for the reply.
    As PhD is a 4 year degree cum job, if i begin by 2015-2016, i will complete by 2019 as per your prediction.
    So does this mean, i should be expecting a good news from one of my applications for PhD ??

    Thanking you in anticipation,
    Karthik Raman

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    Could be. Astrology can only give indications, not predictions. Read my blog for more details.

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    Karthik Raman

    Respected TMR Sir,

    Greetings !!
    Thank you for the insight.

    Warm Regards,
    Karthik Raman

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    Navneet Khanna

    Hi Karthik

    Looking at your horoscope in detail, I can see that you are in the main period of Jupiter and the sub period of Saturn. Both these planets are functional malefic in your horoscope and likely to disturb your objectives in life. If we look at the present transit we see that Jupiter presently is in the Lagan and Saturn is in the 5th house which is the house of intelligence. Although I do feel that things will certainly move towards improvement after 14 July 2015 when Jupiter enters Leo. However I do not see any major improvement till November 2016. Having said that you should look at doing alternative work to sustain yourself. Nevertheless your horoscope is good and eventually you would be settled well in life.


    Navneet Khanna

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