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Which time is birth time

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    I am confused about birth time, when baby comes out of womb? when doctor cut the umbilical cord? or when baby weeps?
    as it may have time difference of 3 to 5 minutes and in a minute horoscope gets changed, in my case in a minute difference my ascendant changes from cancer to leo.
    so which time we should consider?

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    Navneet Khanna

    Like there are things in the modern world which are unexplained and unanswered, the Time of Birth issue is also a major controversy in the world of Astrology. You are correct there is no exact definition of time of Birth, however universally what is excepted is when a child cord is cut and it becomes a separate identity , is to be taken as the time of Birth.

    In your case you will have to go through Birth time correction , and see do you match with Cancer or Leo traits.


    Navneet Khanna

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    ok sir, as Lord Krishna said in Geeta that If a person is having 8 things then it is called living person(panch mahabhoot+ man+Buddhi+ahankaar).
    can you please correct my TOB, I will be grateful to you.
    My DOB is 19-10-74 and TOB is 1:53 a.m. Place: Gwalior(M.P.) (now my parents says that there may be a difference of + or – 10 minutes)
    to check my past events to match my Accurate TOB 1. Marriage-22-01-2006
    business closed- oct-2006, relocated to mumbai for job in oct-2007, left job in april-2015, after that searching job but not getting offer letter.
    visited many astrologer and did many things as they said but all in vain, nothing worked, so i thought to learn this myself but a lot of confusion here also.
    need your guidance>

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