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mangalik and non mangalik

Marriage Between Manglik and Non Manglik – Get Solution

Mars is the planet of aggression, war, conflicts. It is an hostile planet and therefore anyone who is mangalik should marry a mangalik to nullify this dosha. The Mangalik dosha which is also known as Chevvai dosha or Kuja dosha is checked before solemnizing marriage. Cancellation of mangal dosha is very important if you want to have a happy and blissful marital life. Mars is highly inauspicious in 5 houses , although the effects of all the 5 houses is different for different lagna. The aspect of Malefic planets on Mars, makes this dosha even more stronger ruining marital happiness completely.  It is therefore very important to check if this dosha is getting cancelled. It is also important to check if mangalik effect with harm the native and his/her partner.

In this 10 minute Video , Astrologer Navneet Khanna, explains if marriage between Mangalik and Non mangalik is possible. What are the consequences of such marriage. He also explains the reason why such marriages are stopped as per Vedic Astrology. Towards the end he highlights 2 step solution, which is simple and effective way to get around this issue. If you are also facing similar problem in your horoscope matching, then this video is certainly a must watch.

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About Navneet Khanna

Astrologer Navneet Khanna, is a former World Bank & SIDA consultant, he has held many prestigious projects in India and Africa before settling down in his native place, near Chandigarh and following his passion in Vedic Astrology. Navneet is very scientific and logical in his Predictions. He reasons his predictions because of which he has a worldwide following and people from many countries solve their problems with his help. He is an expert in Marriage and Love Relationship. In Marriage Matching he does analysis of Guna Milan and also Grah Milan (Matching of the Planets) and will tell you effects and remedies of Nadi Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha & Gana Dosha if present. He is an Expert Astrologer on Many Indian & Foreign Websites like and a frequent writer for many national and international websites and magazines. Navneet believes that Vedic Astrology is a vast subject, it is an ocean of knowledge and wisdom. It is simply up to the individual to jump into the ocean and extract the pearls. With his vast experience on occult subjects he has been associated with leading astrologers in India to promote astrology. Navneet Khanna believes that the energy and inspiration behind him is the Blessings of the Almighty. You may contact him on his number 0091-9417884861 .


  1. my sister is manglik dosha and she is now 32 years old, can manglik dosha after 28years of age is diminished or not. what nivaran puja to perform for manglik dosha and can we do it before the marriage is fixed.

    • TMR

      Manglik does not necessarily be a dosha since a manglik indicates a strong sexual surge. If one marries a non manglik the sexual compatibility will be low which makes an unhappy marriage. There are medical ways as nivaran puja to improve it. Consult a doctor if it is needed.

  2. Mars, Rahu are placed in 8th home of my horoscope and as per astrologer I have a strong mangal dosha, Can I get marry with non manglik boy after doing some remedies

  3. Hi Sir,
    I am a Manglik Boy and wants to marry a non manglik girl. Please advise possibility

    Girl : Meenakshi 24-07-1990 6.40am, Almora Uttrakhand
    Boy : Yogesh 13-08-1989 7.40pm, Delhi

  4. I am a manglik. Can you tell me if it is apt to marry a non-manglik guy if I provide you the birth details of both of us?

  5. my boy friend is manglik and i am not and we have same gotra.
    Now our parents are not redy to get us married.
    what should we do ?

    • You should check if Mangalik dosha gets cancel or not. If Mangal dosha does not get cancel then Mangal dosha remedy needs to be done.


      Navneet Khanna

      • Thank yu so much for replying. it really means a lot.

        And yea What kind of remedies?
        does it really solve the problem?

  6. sir pls tell me my girlfriend is a manglik and im non manglik whats the solution for marriage

  7. Sir, I wanted to know the status of manglik dosh for a chart. Birthrate is 10/10/1993
    Birth time is 11:34 pm
    Birth place is Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India . This is chart for a male. Is manglik dosh effective?

  8. want to marry mangalik boy (full mangalik), and I m non mangalik, please suggest what to do

  9. Dear sir
    My mother is looking for my marriage from last 2 year but there is no luck.please guide us about my marriage and married life.
    when there will be strong chance of my marriage?
    whether it will be arrange or love marriage?
    How will be my married life and progeny?
    Gender: female
    Date: 21 april 1987
    Time: 19.50
    Place: Mumbai

  10. Sir, I want to know the status of Mangal dosha for a chart…birth date:6th Feb 1991,1:25 a.m. visakhapatnam…gender:male Mangal dosham existing or cancelling for this chart?how effective is it?

  11. Sir I want to know status of Mangal dosha for a chart…birth date:6th Feb 1991,1:25 a.m. visakhapatnam…gender:male Mangal dosham existing or cancelling for this chart?how effective is it?

  12. Navneet sir namaste

    My dob is august 22nd 1983, 11:00 pm Hyderabad

    My husband dob is January 11th 1981, 3:50am Hyderabad

    Could you please tell me are we manglik?


  13. I m a non manglik boy and wants to marry a manglik girl.please advise possibility .Girl : Neha sinha ,10/10/1992,8:40 AM, jamshedpur. Boy : Rahul ranjan,9/12/1986,8:00 AM, gaya.

  14. Boy : Ashwin Jaiswal DOB 22/06/1993 Time 04:20:32 AM Birth Place Gonda
    Girl : Sonali Singh DOB 20/07/1993 Time 17:30:30 Singrauli Madhya Pradesh
    Is There is Mangal Dosh In Boy is they both can marry.

    • The Guna milan score os 28.5 which is much higher than 18 that is required for marriage. There is Gana dosha which is not good. It indicates temperament problems. Yes the boy has partial mangal dosha.


      Navneet Khanna

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