Aquarius and Aquarius – Friendship Love Sexual Compatibility

Aquarius Male and Aquarius Female friendship

When it comes to Aquarius male and Aquarius female compatibility, it is guaranteed that these two signs will become best friends. Mentally, they mesh great. They are known to be zodiac’s most eccentric personalities, perhaps a little misunderstood by others, however, they understand each other perfectly.

First of all, these couple shares great friendship and intellectualism. To them, it is all about mutual companionship. Both have an outgoing, friendly and relatively stable personality. These are free spirits who appreciate their independence and may spend perfect time being spontaneous and free together, with a lot of conversation and sharing of intellectual ideas, thoughts and inspirations.

They are highly open-minded and tolerant, and cannot stand narrow-mindedness and injustice. Their discussions are always lively and positive. They share an unusual sense of humor, which others often consider weird, and may even have their private language and knowing looks. That’s how extreme their friendship can get. However, although the compatibility of this great friendship is high, this does not mean that the two Aquarius signs will make perfect lovers. Often there is a danger that friendship dynamic may spoil the love dynamic.

As freedom is essential to this sign, in an Aquarius and Aquarius combination there will be a double need for freedom, which may cause issues in their relationship. Enjoying their own freedom, one of them may neglect the other. They both tend to be quite emotionally detached and impersonal when it comes to love relationship. This may cause a lack in emotional warmth, which is most times the most important aspect of any relationship. It can also cause insecurities in the partner who is slightly more emotionally needy than the other is.

The progressive, unconventional lifestyle of Aquarius may also include infidelity. However, as their relationship has its own set of rules, different from that of others, it is no surprise that they may tolerate such issues. When it comes to conflicts, most differences between the two Aquarius are resolved in a peaceful way, as both partners are not prone to fights, nor do they have a strong temper. As neither of partners tends to be practical, it may lead them to be quite disorganized.

Aquarius Male and Aquarius Female Sexual Compatibility

When it comes to the bedroom, the eccentric nature of these two Aquarius will reflect in their sex life. However, that suits both of them fine. To them, sex is an experimentation in which both will search for sensuality first. They will both take the submissive as well as the dominating role. They know each other’s deep sexual secrets and thus will reach their sexual satisfaction quickly. Although sexual chemistry is present, there is a danger that a strong friendship these two signs share may spoil their sexual life, while they most times tend to be more friends, and fewer lovers. With this in mind, this combination of signs that make such a perfect friends, may perhaps not need to go any further than that.

They are often considered rebellious, but also capable of various revolutionary ideas. Both tend to be objective with a rational approach to the world. [review]

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  1. zodiac compatibility is the art of astrology that deals with the study of relationships based on the distribution of a couple’s energy in their individual and combined birth charts. As an Aquarian myself, it makes sense!

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