The Importance Of Papasamyam In Marriage


Papasamyam In Horoscope Matching

Papasamyam is a decisive aspect of matchmaking. When astrologers match horoscopes to check for suitability before fixing a match, Papasamyam is used to calculate the dosham in the horoscopes to figure out whether the prospective bride and groom are suitable for each other or not. The position of Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu and  Ketu in a horoscope determines the dosham. When these planets are placed in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses from the Moon sign, the lagna and Venus, these planets can create certain problems in a marriage. The intensity and the negative impact of the Dosham depends on the houses these planets are placed in, whether the houses the planets are in are astrologically considered to be the house a friendly or hostile planet (Uchcham) , whether it is Equal or ruler and whether it is high or low (Neecham).

There are different techniques that are utilized to work out the Dosham index. One method uses the point system, allotting points based on the concept of friendly or rival planets and the positional strength. Another technique is based upon the equal points and equal weightage method. The other methods of calculating the dosham use the Equal Points and Unequal weightage method, Unequal Points and Unequal Weightage Method, and the Unequal Points and Equal weightage method. When the horoscope of the groom has more Dosha than that of the prospective bride’s or if both horoscopes have equal amount of Dosha, the match is considered to be suitable. When the horoscope of the bride-to-be has more Dosham, the match is considered to be unsuitable.

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Papasamyam identifies the mismatch in horoscopes and verifies whether the Dosham that exists in the horoscope of either the prospective bride or groom is balanced or cancelled out by the position of planets in the horoscope of the other. For matrimonial matchmaking, the total dosha in each horoscope is first calculated and then the factors are compared with the other horoscope. Astrologers check for several different types of Doshas. . The kalatra dosham is present in a horoscope when a malefic planet is placed in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house and therefore afflicts the lagna. When the lagna is weak in the prospective groom’s horoscope, the other horoscope must have a strong Mangallya Bhava to be considered a good match. When the Mangalya Dosha is present in the prospective bride’s horoscope, an appropriate match is when the prospective groom’s horoscope indicates a long life span. When the 9th house is weak in either the male or female horoscope, a suitable match is when the horoscope of the other has a strong 9th house.

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