Aries – Cancer Love and Sexual Compatibility


The Aries and Cancer relationship can simply be described as an experience and a half. The cancer partner is a home builder with a loving and caring heart and the Aries partner is a fun loving, free spirited an adventurous life with a youthful outlook on life.

Aries and Cancer Love Compatibility

You could assume that the alpha Aries would be the dominant partner in the relationship owing to the fact that the cancer partner is more calm and collected. However, each relationship is different and the partner you deem as being quieter could indeed be the one dominating the relationship.

Taming the fire

The cancer partner is attracted to Aries because of how direct, confident, adventurous and free spirited they are. The cancer partner is natural intuitive and is able to see through all the fluff to see the inner heart and sensitivity of the person. Cancer understands that the constant drive of Aries to win over any discussion is just a mask to hide their own insecurities.

With this knowledge, the cancer partner is always trying to motivate Aries to believe in him/ herself and to also tame the fire of the Aries partner for his/ her own good.

However, on the part of the Aries partner, he or she is not looking to have their fire quenched or tamed for that matter. They are happy in their own skin and can even be described as wild. They enjoy living life on the edge and can easily get bored.

Cancer loves stability in the relationship and would prefer to spend most of his/ her time with their partner. Aries on the other hand values his/ her free time and always looks to get some alone time where they can do their own things.

This can pose a problem to the relationship because the cancer partner will feel like the Aries partner is not attentive enough and doesn’t care about the relationship. Aries, however will feel suffocated by cancer and can easily look for a way out of the relationship.

The only way for this relationship to work is if both partners learn to compromise for the sake of their relationship. Cancer needs to understand the importance of Aries having some time to him/ herself and Aries too need to understand the importance of cancer’s need to spend time together.

Aries and Cancer Sexual compatibility

Aries is a fire cracker and Cancer is a gentle and Sensual lover. Combine the two and you have the most passionate and strongest sexual compatibility. Aries is fun and spontaneous and you can always count on some fun bedroom sessions. Cancer on the other hand is a silent killer when it comes to bedroom affairs and you can be sure to be pleasantly surprised.

The great thing about this union is that they are so different but when it comes to making love, they are totally in sync and know exactly what to do without having to ask each other, what they prefer.


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