Aries and Leo – Love and Sexual Compatibility


When two fire signs come together, you can be sure the relationship is going to be HOT in every way you can think of. These two have a great understanding of each other as they are driven by the same things and they make the perfect couple with an exciting, sexy and sizzling relationship.

Aries and Leo Love Compatibility

This relationship is famous for bobbing up and down between the two extremes of the emotional scale. Their compatibility can best be described as all or nothing and these two are almost always moving from ecstasy to despair.

The Leo partner demands to be pampered and adored by their partner and they also love a lot of attention. On the other hand, arise loves pampering him/ herself and doesn’t really care much about pampering their partner. This is usually one of the reasons why these two fight on a regular basis.

These two partners are very feisty and tempers are bound to flare because none of the partners wants to back down. Compromise is a bitter pill to swallow for both partners as each of them believes that he/ she is on the right. These two are very impatient and their impulsive decisions without consulting each other can cause a great rift between them.

The good thing about this relationship however, is the fact that they have a lot of respect for each other and they also genuinely care about each other. The Leo partner is also very pragmatic and will always help them find a way to mend their differences. Though the fights are vicious, they do not mean that it’s the end of the relationship.

The compatibility of arise and Leo is strengthened by the fact that each of them brings something to the table that the other partner does not have. Leo teaches arise the great value of being tenacious while arise teaches Leo the great value of being assertive. Though these two are very alike, they always have something new to learn from each other.

When this union is at its best, it is the epitome of a genuine, passionate and warm relationship in which both of them enjoy the love, status and equal power in which they share most values and beliefs.

Both partners are goal oriented and so are sure to set some solid goals for the relationship which they will go after with vigor. However this can potentially cause a problem when both are too focused on achieving the goals that they put their relationship second.

Aries and Leo Sexual compatibility

When fire meets fire, you can expect extreme combustion to take place. Aries and Leo are very attracted to each other and they are both very passionate and not afraid to express what they feel and explore new territories. Their romance is always heated as they aim to give their partner the most intense pleasure they can endure.

You can also expect a lot of good makeup sex after scathing fights. For this relationship, love conquers all.

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