Vedic Astrology Forum – Free Discussion

Vedic Astrology Forum - Free Discussion

The visitors who are in the Astrology Forum are asked to enter the birth details like date of birth, time of birth and the place of birth. This information is used to get what is known as Ascendant or Lagna and preparation of horoscope. The Ascendant or Lagna is the most important factor in the horoscope without which making of the horoscope is not possible.

Ascendant is termed as the sign that was rising in the eastern horizon when the native was born. This becomes the 1st house of the native’s horoscope. After the ascendant / lagna is calculated rest of the horoscope is drawn. The lagan lord which is called the lagnesh is extremely powerful and helps bring benefits to the native unless aspected by malefic. The lagan is one of the most important factor to be considered as it has the Yogakarka strength as house 1 is a Kendra and also a trikona. The strength of lagan and lagnesh tell about the self, personality, stature and the head of the native. Depending upon the sign in the first house the horoscope is drawn. Some Signs become functional benefic and some functional malefic depending upon the house they occupy in the horoscope.

Below is a List of Ascendant and their Malefic planets.

Aries – Mercury

Taurus – Venus, Jupiter and Mars

Gemini – None

Cancer – Jupiter, Saturn

Leo – Moon

Virgo – Sun, Saturn and Mars

Libra – Mercury

Scorpio – Mars and Venus

Sagittarius – Moon

Capricorn – Sun and Jupiter

Aquarius – Moon and Mercury

Pisces – Sun, Venus and Saturn

When you are discussing your Horoscope in the Forum, do always remember to put the complete birth detail.

Given below is the link to the Astrology Forum where everyone is invited for a discussion on this divine science.


9 thoughts on “Vedic Astrology Forum – Free Discussion

  1. Hello Sir/ Madam
    I am Pragati . I want to know which gem stone will suite to me . I want to buy Neelam, I should buy it or not . My birth details are –
    date- 02/09/1986
    time 05.40 pm
    place -Lakhimpur – Kheri( uttar pradesh )

  2. i want to know when i will marry
    i was born in 12 12 1985 in the evening about at 8-9 oclock
    azerbaijan- ganja city

  3. Date of birth 26th may 1984
    Time of birth : 17:30 pm
    Place of birth : dubai uae

    Can I please knw abt the gem stones that am supposed to wear or if any remedies required

    1. Looking at your horoscope your lagna is Libra hence Venus is the lagan lord. Your Venus Mahadasha is going on, you should wear White Sapphire or Diamond on your right hand middle finger.


      Navneet Khanna

  4. Date of birth 05th Dec 1982
    Time of birth : 10:21 pm
    Place of birth : mumbai

    Can you plz suggest me that if i can wear red ruby with Ruby stone benefits.
    I am really confused because told asked me to wear “Pearl” as its my Life Stone.
    Also told me that my lucky stone & bhaghya stone could be different.
    So need your help at this point of time.

  5. Name khushbir Singh
    Date of birth August 30, 1974
    Time: 7:27 am
    Place Amritsar
    Please advise when I will get job and how is future in job

  6. DOB 11.10.1991
    Time of Birth 07.35 pm
    Place of birth Barakar, West Bengal

    Because of some misunderstanding , one of my senior office colleague ended the good relation with me which was very much familiar even with my husband, with my family also. but I am unable to satisfy him with my views. I was tried hard repeatedly but nothing works. I want to know when and how will i get the previous good relation with him? Really i want the good relation back . Please help me

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