Astrology Remedies for Delay in Marriage

delayed marriage

Marriage is a sacred union in Indian culture and finding the right partner in today’s world is not easy, especially in materialistic world that we live in. The search can lead a person towards utter confusion and also frustration at times. Having a nice partner, support companion is everyone’s dream. Life partner who can make life happy, cheerful and enjoyable. Marriage is biggest decision in one’s life and when you will get supportive and faithful life partner, life will be comfortable and worth living for you. If for some reason you fail in making a correct decision then life can be miserable, stressful and gloomy.

India use to be known as a place of child marriages but now a day’s priority of marriage has been taken over by career, finance and status in life. Now days it is common to have marriage even after 30 years of age. Finding a life partner has become even more difficult as the priority has moved from a simple and respectable family to matching with eyeing status, job, position and finances in mind. Marriage is further delayed due to our search for the perfect partner, someone like the stars we see in movies and television all the time.

Some of the reason why marriage can get delayed is given below:

If in your Horoscope Mars is in 1,4,7,8,12 house  or
If in your Horoscope Saturn is in 1,5,7 and 11 house or
If in your Horoscope Rahu (North Node of the Moon) is in 1 or 7 house or
If in your Horoscope 7th house Lord is bad angle or with evil planet or
If in your Horoscope you have Kalsarp dosha especially forming in the 1st and the 7th house.

If the above planet situation is in your chart, your marriage is likely to get delayed. There are few powerful remedies by which you can solve this issue with the help of Gemstones, Puja and Mantra. Given below are some of the Powerful Astrology Remedies for Delayed Marriage.

Mantra for Delayed Marriage

You can do the powerful mantra which helps if marriage is getting delayed. It is called the Rukmini Vallabh Mantra. This mantra you need to do with devotion for 3 months to get maximum benefits.

The Mantra is “OM Namo Bhagwate Rukmini Vallabhayee Swaha”

The Mantra in Hindi is – ॐ नमो भगवते रुक्मिणीवल्लभाये स्वाहा

Gemstone for Delayed Marriage

You can wear the Gemstone of the 7th house, provided the planet is not debilitated in the Natal as well as the Navamsha chart. The male can wear stone for Venus or Shukra, while Girls can wear stone for Jupiter or Bhrihaspati.

Puja for Delayed Marriage

Keep fast on Mondays

Keep fast on Fridays.

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10 thoughts on “Astrology Remedies for Delay in Marriage

  1. My name is pooja
    Dob 13/03/1979
    Place Ahmedabad
    Time – 7.35 am
    My engagement is broken once n second time is also same with a boy. November our families was planning for maraige n suddenly he also broke the engagement n has now moved on. Pls advice me will I ever get married. I hv lost my father and don’t know what to do? I had many hopes with this guy. I liked him a lot lekin mere sath dusri bar bhi vishwasghath ho Gaya. Guruji kuch uppsay batadein

    1. You may get married before this year end. Attend pradosha Pooja at Siva Mandir for 8 Pradosha days with Flowers and Milk
      Worship Goddess Durga on 13 Tuesdays with red flowers and Ghee Deepa

    2. Hi sir my name is vinod kumar dob is 21 sep 1989, 2:38 am ( rohini 3rd quarter). I am not able to get married, proposals are coming but none of them are confirmed. plz tell me when will I get married and any solutions for that.

  2. You may get married before this year end. Attend pradosha Pooja at Siva Mandir for 8 Pradosha days with Flowers and Milk
    Worship Goddess Durga on 13 Tuesdays with red flowers and Ghee Deepa

  3. when can i get married? My DOB is 15.08.1994 . Every time a date is being finalized, it gets postopened with some or other reasons

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