Politics, Politician and Astrology – 2014 Elections

Politics, Politician and Astrology - 2014 Elections

Once again India is ready to face another parliamentary election in 2014. I do not mind who comes as the new PM or who rules India since whoever rules India, we cannot gain much except of course the progresses in other countries slowly filtering into our country too just like Computers, Electronics and Communications. Mind you we are still running on English made railway lines and bridges.


Sir Winston Churchill wrote 64 years ago about India :

“Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of low caliber & men of straw. They will have sweet tongues & silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power & India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air & water would be taxed in India.”

We are indeed an incredible NATION; we have worked very hard and we have indeed proved him right…..

Incidentally I had gone through Narendra Modi’s horoscope and I do not find anything that he will or can do anything all that good for the country. He has only a very similar mediocre horoscope like our earlier PMs like Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Vajpayee and can therefore not expect anything better than what those people had done or not done for this country. Corruption is rampant right from the day we became independent and dilution of human values continue.

But for the IT revolution in the world, we would still have more than 50% of the people unemployed and starving. I am giving below the strength of Narendra Modi Horoscope. 17 September 1950 at 11:00 a.m Mehsana.




Strength% Self Analysis

Strength % Arudha Analysis


Personality, Individuality, Head




Wealth, assets, family, speech, Face




Co-borns, confidants, courage, Hands and Shoulders




Happiness, comforts, pleasures, Heart & Lungs




Children, intelligence, mind, Upper Abdomen




Debts, Diseases, Enemies, Lower Abdomen




Marital Happiness, Small Intestine, Liver




Longevity, Distresses, Colon, Kidneys, Genitals




Luck ,Fortune, Thighs




Career, Profession, Job Satisfaction, Knees




Gains, Returns from Career, Calf  and ankles




Wasteful Expenditure, Losses, Feet



Net strength



Higher strength for positive significations makes it more potent
Higher strength for negative significations negate the negatives (Debts, Diseases, Enemies, Losses etc.)
Less than 35%        –  Failed, failure becoming more and more as it goes down
35 to 40                   –  Passed
41 to 45                   –  Above average
46 to 50                   –  Third Class
51 to 60                   –  Second Class
61 to 70                   –  First Class
71 to 80                   –  Distinction
81 to 90                   –  Excellent
Greater than 90     –  Outstanding

Arudha strength analysis is how he will be viewed by others. The difference between Real strength and arudha strength is the extent to which he wears a mask from the Public hiding his real self.

As per my collection of horoscopes, Indira Gandhi had a strength of 52.08%, Rajiv Gandhi had a strength of 30.97%, Sonia Gandhi 48.19%, Rahul Gandhi 43.51%, Bajpai 35.71%, Prince Charles 36.38% and finally India’s horoscope with 27.41%.

So Narendra Modi if he is elected as  the next PM of our nation, he will be very similar to Indira Gandhi, our ex PM. During her time many of us had uncomfortable memories of the emergency days. Both will be similar, at least their horoscopes say so. Rahul Gandhi will be still worse with only a lesser strength for his horoscope.

I sincerely hope I am wrong. And let us have a powerful strong willed PM who can change the turn of events and make India another Luxembourg.

A few days before, by accident, I raised this question to a senior politician who visited me to ask me about the forthcoming elections and he wanted to know whether he stands a chance of winning. I explained to him the principle of Astrology and why it can only be used to evaluate the horoscope and understand their strength of the various houses and the net strength and I showed him the horoscopes of many politicians starting with Mahatma Gandhi to the latest Narendra Modi comparing the rather poor strengths of their horoscope and still becoming leaders of men. He smiled and let me into his secrets as a successful politician.

1.   Politics is the last resort of a scoundrel – a quote from Winston Churchill.

2.   In a country where the Public is an Ass, anybody can become a politician and lead them.

3.   Had he been well educated in the real sense of education (not a degree or a post graduate degree in law or economics), he would have resorted to doing some respectable job rather than telling lies to people and fooling them to receive personal gains to the politician.

4.   Which other job is there where you can in the garb of a politician go to any government department and make a recommendation for a transfer/promotion of job for someone and get an offer a certain amount as bribe and get the job done, not necessarily always.

5.    Whenever the public who approaches him with a request to recommend his promotion/transfer, succeeds in his wishes, he thinks that the politician is responsible for that even when the politician had totally forgotten about it.

6.   In a democracy, public can easily be made a fool of, because the general public are often gullible in nature and can easily be hoodwinked.

7.    What is needed to become a politician is an ability to talk any nonsense in front of a mike and have a set of followers equally ignorant who are paid to say Zindabad or Murdabad in tandem off and on during the course of a speech. Two of the followers if they clap while the speech is going on, it is usual that it is followed by others too creating an applause, not for the merit of the content of the speech, but as a general public habit. Cows generally follow the cow in front, there is a saying.

8.   There should be no honesty or any other good qualities to become a politician. They are the only people who never have to keep to their words and the public condones it.

9.   Memories are short lived and public soon forget about it. A long cheeky smile is all what is required to become a politician.

10. Who else without any education formal or informal can go and give lectures in IIMs or IITs and sometimes receive a doctoral degree from them offered to him. Most of the Doctorate holders carry only conferred/donated doctorates from Universities.

11. It is only the Politician who increases his reputation by going to the jail and being in it for sometime while the ordinary public considers it a disgrace to them.

12. Lalu Prasad the other day after coming out from jail has announced  “Everything will be in order now. I will not allow BJP or AAP to come into power” and there was applause as I have seen it on TV.  I also heard the top ruling party had called him and asked him for his help in keeping BJP or AAP at bay with his oratory which of course I should say is very humorous, quoting from old melodious Hindi songs.

And the Politician friend of mine totally agreed that the strength of the houses of politicians are what they deserve and what they really are. And those who follow them has a much lower strength than theirs. So it is my suggestion, if your horoscope has a weak strength be a politician and you can easily find your food and well fed using other’s money and material comforts.

So when I checked his horoscope and found to be having 41.52% strength, he said he is happy. And he thinks there is a winning chance because the majority of people have strengths below that. I have found quite a lot of politicians wearing a Navaratna ring with all the nine precious stones embedded in it thinking that all the nine planets will bless them simultaneously and they can rise in life and live happily thereafter. Wearing a gem if at all it is useful to make a planet potent, wearing all of the gems to make all planet potent is tantamount to taking multivitamin tablets little realizing that if you have satisfactory levels of any vitamin, the body has to exert too much to throw out the excess of vitamins through your kidney thus adding pressure to the human system and this makes the body weaker and it will have the opposite effect of what you expect to happen.

Incidentally the politician who visited me had a Navaratna ring embedded into a Gold ring and he was scared very much when I told him about it. He immediately told me that he will find another buyer and try to palm it off to someone. His thought was “Let him suffer, I should be happy”.

As per Kaliyuga, there are only five things where Kali can reside as per the instructions of the King Pareekshit when he refused permission to Kali to enter his kingdom which was this world of earth. They are places where people take intoxicating drinks like a Bar or at home or in a Cocktail party, where prostitution takes place, Gambling including speculative trading in Stocks and Shares particularly Futures and Options, where there is quarrel and killing taking place, and where there is amassed wealth (in those days Gold was wealth). Look at this world, all problems arise on account of any one or all of these. Is it not?

So keep away from all these places and you will have a happy life and your horoscope will automatically become potent and God will look after you well.

Marriage, Wealth etc. have varying definitions and there is nothing common to it. One who knows he has enough is Wealthy.

Another definition of Wealth is how little you have to spend to keep yourself alive and still meet all your obligations to your family, friends and others. Spending a few lakhs of rupees to buy a Rolls Royce and keep it in your garage is not indicative of being wealthy. Nor paying a few lakhs of rupees for a heart surgery to save yourself from death is also not indicative of being wealthy.Wealth is not to be measured by one’s bank balance nor by the assets in his possession. These can vanish in just a spur of a moment.

Marriage is defined as the union of body, mind and soul and this can happen with one or more persons of the opposite sex.

If a common man wants to know when will he become rich, I would say that he will never become rich unless he alters his definition of richness.

The strength of a horoscope is a unit for evaluating oneself, i.e. by the owner of the horoscope and not by others. It is an evaluation as per one’s own judgement of himself. To cite an example, we often observe that the neighbour is a very happy person when you see his standing in society, his wealth etc. You think that if he has something which you do not have, he is better off than you are. But if you ask the neighbour or if he opens out himself to you, you may perhaps learn that his situation is much worse than yours. We are living in a materialistic world and we are always greedy to acquire what we do not have. That is why to lead a peaceful life, one needs to be spiritually learned and that is what the scriptures teach us.

The only person whom you can trust is yourself and you know only about yourself in reality. And that is what is represented in your horoscope. All others including your near and dear ones are all wearing a mask and they let you know about themselves only to the extent which they think as to what should be known to others. For example, can anyone find out whether one had sexual relations with someone of the opposite sex? People often ask when they will get married on hiding the fact that they already had sexual relationship with others which is in fact the definition of marriage. Living together under one roof is not marriage.

So to be a PM or to be the President, he need not be having a good horoscope. Fox example, Gandhiji was not having a very happy married life, nor was he a successful career person. Nor did he have all that much of a personality as Lord Mountbatten. Still he could be a leader of millions of our people, but he was never a politician. He believed in living poor and he never enjoyed luxuries. It is very clearly shown in his horoscope which had a rather weak strength of only 39.48%. Most of the persons become renowned personalities just because of one or two highly potent houses in their horoscope.

So what we should use a horoscope for is to compare others with yourself looking at the strength of the horoscopes and you can make subjective comparisons. If for example your son has a better horoscope than yours by looking at the net strength, you can be happy that he will be better off than you in life which will make you happy. Isn’t it? Dhirubhai Ambani had a horoscope which had only 28.80% strength while his sons Mukesh Ambani has a strength of 78.19% and Anil Ambani, a strength of 67.38%.

To understand horoscopes and their effect on your life, you have to add a touch of spirituality to it. Everyone wants to be happy in life, but unfortunately happiness is like hunger which repeats itself at more or less fixed intervals. If you get what you would think brings happiness to you, two days later you get used to it and new unhappiness starts with new desires having not fulfilled. Life is a wonderful phenomenon and God has a purpose in making it so. If there were no variations in human behaviour and nature, their success and failures, life would have been very boring. As Shakespeare puts it, World is a stage and we are all actors and all the actors the King, Queen, Minister, Soldier, Cook, Patients, lepers and Scavengers should act well to make the drama a success. The cook need not feel sorry that he did not get the role of a king. That is exactly what life is. Each one of us are required and have a job to do in helping God in the sustenance of this Universe. If all of us were doing the same or similar job where it would have lead us to. Ever wondered about it?

So never be unhappy about what you are. You are an essential part of this Universe. And what you are doing in your life is all but ordered to you by God. You are only a screw driver and you have no say in how and where you should be used. It is all in the hands of the person who holds it. And here God has our life in his hands as ordained by Him.

Please do not therefore worry about the strength calculations and its applicability for predictions And nowadays there is a tendency to read horoscopes after knowing everything about celebrities and analyse it using reverse engineering which is very prevalent on the internet.I am giving below some observations about the PMs of India which some funny guy posted somewhere.

Nehru proved that a rich man can be the Prime Minister.
Shastri proved that a poor man can be the Prime Minister.
Indira Gandhi proved that a woman can be the Prime minister.
Morarjee proved that a cranky old man can be the Prime Minister.
Charan Singh proved that an illiterate man can be the Prime Minister.
Rajiv Gandhi proved that a pilot can be the Prime Minister.
VP Singh proved that a member of the royalty can be the Prime Minister.
PV Narsimha Rao proved that a learned man can be the Prime Minister.
HD Deve Gouda proved that anybody can be the prime Minister.
Vajpayee proved that a bachelor poet can be the Prime Minister.
Manmohan Singh has proved that India does not need a Prime Minister!
* So what’s the big fuss about who’s gonna be the next Prime Minister*****

Let us now see whether we really need a parliament to rule India. We can rule ourselves as is being done now. Our parliament is nothing but pandemonium and cheap gimmicks to show protest.  Perhaps you can all cast a negative vote if the candidates do not meet your expectations.

Ramachandran Nambissan T.M

3 thoughts on “Politics, Politician and Astrology – 2014 Elections

  1. Strange Mr. Nambissan started his remarks with a quote from Mr. Churchill – one of many Briton who are classified as sweet tongues & silly heart rogues on the basis of his “exploits” when posted in India and later in the UK. No body with unbiased analytic skills can agree with Mr. Churchill.
    I find Mr. Nambissan’s assertions, except that anybody can be PM, quite bizarre. They are best ignored.

  2. I fully agree with the author. The political scenario in this country is exactly as per the prophecy of great Churchill. Only hypocrites can say it is different. Unfortunately we have many hypocrites but we call this system which has not delivered results a democracy. The sooner we realize this fact the better for this country.

  3. Few Upcoming Predictions
    By SHARAD KUMAR SONI at Month Feb 2014

    · 2014 Election going to most Dramatic Elections in the History.
    · I see totally new face or unexpected face as a Prime Minister.
    · Modi would do some mistake before elections and his past events would affect his elections results.
    · After 16 March 2014, Arvind Kejirwal downfall would start or his attraction would reduce or he could go in Jail.
    · Because of Arvind Kejriwal AAP get down too.
    · Corruption would surely control after Election results

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