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Rudraksha – Advantages & Benefits of wearing Rudraksha

What is rudrakhsa?

Rudraksha (Rudra means lord Shiva, aksha means teardrops) or the prayer beads is one of the very important spiritual property in Hinduism. Rudraksha is the combination of two words Rudra and aksha which means the teardrops of lord shiva. According to Hindu mythology Rudraksha is considered as the divine representation of lord Shiva. Rudraksha is strung together as mala, and it works stronger when they are together as Mala. The number of Rudraksha in the mala should be 108 plus 1. The plus one bead is called Bindu and this is very important without bindu energy from the male becomes cyclical and the person who is using the male will become dizzy. Rudraksha has greater religious significance to control the negative vibrations of the malefic planets. In this way, the person will benefit from peace, good fortune, successful career, education, good family life and gets everything best in his life.

The Rudraksha will help you to win over your enemies and controls the negative effects of the celestial energy force. Any trouble caused due to the planetary positions that are defined in the horoscope will be solved when a person wears an appropriate Rudraksha. There are different clefts or Mukhi on the surface of Rudraksha. Shastras define that the Rudraksha with 1 to 14 clefts is used for the astrological benefits. Depending on the clefts each Rudraksha has different effects and individuality. Thus, when a person decides to wear a Rudraksha he/she has to wear a perfect one matches his horoscope to get complete benefit. Rudraksha has gained a most valuable place in Vedas as it is believed that it is originated from the lord Shiva’s teardrops. That is why it has tremendous power and energy.

 On the other hand, Rudraksha is best known for controlling hypertension and stress. The person with stress or if a person is suffering from stress-related issues he/she can wear a Rudraksha mala to control stress and related diseases. Rudraksha has the potential curing of lots of diseases including mind troubles and thyroid etc. it has amazing protective power that it can even cure the fatal diseases related to the heart.

Sources of Rudraksha

The mythological book states that the Rudraksha is the symbolic representation of the eyes of Lord Shiva. The scientific name of Rudraksha is Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. The mythology gives the real meaning and origin of Rudraksha in the tale “Aaghor”. Lord Shiva created Aaghor to destroy demon Tripura Sur. The powerful energy of the Aaghor blinded Lord Shiva temporarily. When Lord Shiva closed his eyes due to the dazzle of the light energy his eyes became teary. The teardrops of Lord Shiva fell on the earth and sprouted in different places. The sprouted tear drops of Lord Shiva became the Rudraksha tree.

Types of Rudraksha and its benefits

Basically, there are 21 types of Rudraksha but only 14 types plus the Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is used for the astrological benefits. The 14 types of Rudraksha are as follows:

1 (EK) Mukhi Rudraksha 

This Rudraksha is considered more powerful and it is directly associated with Lord Shiva’s blessings. When a person wears this Rudraksha he will become wealthier, healthier and prosperous. His concentration will be boosted and it will keep the person away from indigestion, skin diseases, and eye and ear diseases. It will bring peace and happiness in his life. It increases self-confidence and enables spirituality.

2 (DHO) Mukhi Rudraksha

DHO Mukhi or ardhanarishevara is worn to achieve peace, spiritual consciousness, success and harmony in the life of individuals. When a person wears this Rudraksha his emotions are stabilized and the person will be benefited from good health and wealth. This is also beneficial for the couples who are expecting santan baghya.

3 (Theen) Mukhi rudraksha

This Rudraksha symbolizes the Agni, the wearer will be benefited with the Blessings of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheswara. This Rudraksha will help you to control your anger and increases your confidence level.  You can also win any stressful situation in your life when you wear Theen Mukhi Rudraksha. Women with menstruation problems can be highly benefited from this Rudraksha.

4 (Char) Mukhi Rudraksha

Char Mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes Lord Brahma and it is enclosed with cosmic effects of Lord Brihaspathi. When a person wears this Rudraksha he/she will become intelligent, innovative, improve the memory power and develop good communication skills. This Rudraksha is highly beneficial for students. This Rudraksha should be worn with gold or silver cap.

5 (Pancha) Mukhi Rudraksha

This is one of the most important Rudraksha beads as it has great control over the fortune of the person who wears it. It will make the person fortunate, prosper, healthy and wealthy. The person will be blessed with a good marital relationship.

 6 (Chah) Mukhi Rudraksha

When a person wears this Rudraksha he/she will be benefited from positivity and self-confidence. This Rudraksha also cured joint bone-related issues and arthritis.

7 (saat) Mukhi Rudraksha

This is one of the most auspicious holy products in Vedic astrology. This Rudraksha symbolizes Goddess Lakshmi when a person wears this Rudraksha he/she will be benefited from unlimited wealth and prosperity. The person will become fortunate and it will nullify the effects of ill-transiting of the planets.

8 (Aath) Mukhi Rudraksha

This Rudraksha symbolizes Lord Ganesha when a person wears this Rudraksha he/she will stay away from the negative effects of the malefic planetary effects. Also, they will be blessed with immense health and wealth. They will never suffer from obstacles in their way of reaching goals.

9 (Nau) Mukhi Rudraksha

This Rudraksha symbolizes Goddess Durga and when a person wears this Rudraksha he/she will never face the failure or obstacles in their life. This Rudraksha gives an amazing solution for psychological disorders.

10 (Dus) Mukhi Rudraksha

Dus mukhi rudraksha

                                                                          (Dus Mukhi Rudraksha)

Dus Mukhi Rudraksha contains amazing energy that is necessary for all living beings. When a person wears this Rudraksha, the person will be saved from the negative effects that are coming from all the 10 directions.

11 (Gyarah) Mukhi Rudraksha

This is one of the most powerful beads and the wearer will be benefited from long-lasting peace, health, wealth and prosperity. When a person wears this Rudraksha he/she will be succeeded in his love and marriage relationship. The person will get relief from debts as soon as possible when he/she wears this bead.

12 (Baarah) Mukhi Rudraksha

When a person wears this Rudraksha he/she will get the blessings from Ashwamedha and Gomedha Yagyas. A person will overcome fear when he/she wears this Rudraksha. You will enjoy all the luxuries and comfort in your life when you wear this Rudraksha.

13 (Terah) Mukhi Rudraksha

This Rudraksha will present you with an attractive personality and improves your personality in social life. This Rudraksha will help you to attain a good fortune, love, and spiritual consciousness.

14 (choudah) Mukhi Rudraksha

When a person wears this Rudraksha he/she will get the blessings from Lord Hanuman. He/she will be blessed with strength, courage and keeps them away from the illness.

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha

                                                                       (Gauri  Shankar Rudraksha)

This is the most important and expensive Rudraksha that represents the unity of two gods Lord Shiva and Goddess Gauri. When a person wears this Rudraksha he/she will achieve tremendous growth in their life. They will achieve success in every aspect of life. Their professional, as well as personal life will be amazing.


According to Hindu mythology, Rudraksha contains the divine powers of god Shiva. As it is formed from the droplets of Lord Shiva it is considered as most precious. This will completely nullify the negative effects of planets. When a person is suffering troubles and problems in his life he can choose wearing Rudraksha as a powerful remedy to reverse all his problems. Physically and mentally Rudraksha is more beneficial to the wearer. If a person is facing problems in his life due to the malefic effects of planets he can wear Rudraksha to reverse the effects. Even a person can wear Rudraksha to achieve great success in his career, education and personal life. When a person wears an original Rudraksha under the guidance of the astrology expert his entire life will be changed. He will achieve success, prosperity, and happiness in his life. Change your life in a good way by wearing a perfect Mukhi Rudraksha under expert guidance.

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