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Bhakoot Dosha in Kundli Matching

In Horoscope Matching the Horoscope chart of the groom and the bride is matched so as to find out their compatibility level. It is believed that a matching of 18 and above Guna out of total 36 is important for any marriage. However one of the most important Koot in horoscope matching is Bhakoot Dosha or Rashikoot. Its importance can be taken from the fact that it has 7 points which is second most to Nadi dosha which has 8 points. Therefore the importance of Bhakoot cannot be ignored. The 6-8 Bhakoot dosha is also known as Mrityu Shadashtak Dosha.  It is known to bring death or death type of situation to the couple. Therefore cancellation of Bhakoot dosha is very important.

There are three types of Bhakoot

2-12 (Dwitiya Dwadash Bhakoot)

9-5 (Navpancham Bhakoot) and

6-8 (Shadashtak Bhakoot)

Bhakoot or Rashikoot is the Rashi dispositions of the rashi of the bride and the bridegroom from one Rashi to another.

The following combinations are possible.

1/1, 1/7, 2/12, 3/11,4/10, 5/9 and 6/8

Further these combinations are bifurcated into auspicious and inauspicious as given below:

Auspicious (Sad bhakoot): 1/1, 1/7, 3/11, 4/10

Inauspicious (Dushta bhakoot) : 2/12, 5/9, 6/8

If the Rashi of the bride and groom are in the position of 2/12, 5/9 or 6/8 from each other, then the Bhakoot score given is 0 (zero) out of 7 points, which forms the Bhakoot Dosha. On the other hand if the respective rashi dispositions is 1/1, 1/7, 3/11 or 4/10, then full 7 points are given during Guna Milan and there is no dosha.

Table for Bhakoot Guna

Sign Ari Tau Gem Can Leo Vir Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis
Ari 7 0 7 7 0 0 7 0 0 7 7 0
Tau 0 7 0 7 7 0 0 7 0 0 7 7
Gem 7 0 7 0 7 7 0 0 7 0 0 7
Can 7 7 0 7 0 7 7 0 0 7 0 0
Leo 0 7 7 0 7 0 7 7 0 0 7 0
Vir 0 0 7 7 0 7 0 7 7 0 0 7
Lib 7 0 0 7 7 0 7 0 7 7 0 0
Sco 0 7 0 0 7 7 0 7 0 7 7 0
Sag 0 0 7 0 0 7 7 0 7 0 7 7
Cap 7 0 0 7 0 0 7 7 0 7 0 7
Aqu 7 7 0 0 7 0 0 7 7 0 7 0
Pis 0 7 7 0 0 7 0 0 7 7 0 7

This table is given in all books related to Horoscope Matching. The above Bhakoot table is also used in software for matching purposes. The above table does not take in reference any factor that is responsible for the cancellation of Bhakoot Dosha.

6-8 Rashi positions of bride and bridegroom from each other, results in death / sickly native after marriage, 9-5 position results in problems related to sickness of native and also progeny problems and 2-12 position would cause poverty, suffering due to financial mismanagement, loss of job , health problems, debts etc.  The 6-8 or Shadashtaka related to longevity, injury and serious illness. Like Aries and Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces form the 6-8 bhakoot dosha. The Nav pancham or the 9-5 Bhakoot would direct the couple away from physical pleasure. The love bonding will be missing and also it will hamper the birth of children. The example of 9-5 bhakoot dosha are Leo and Sagittarius, Taurus and Virgo. Dwirdwadash or 2-12 Bhakoot would cause excessive expenditure and reducing the couple’s financial position to poverty. The example of 2-12 Bhakoot are Scorpio and Sagittarius, and also Leo and Virgo.  One important thing to note is that if the Rashi lords are similar like Capricorn and Aquarius then despite it forming a 2-12 Bhakoot dosha it gets cancelled as lord of both rashi is Saturn. These are some factors which cancel Bhakoot dosha. The details of how Bhakoot dosha gets cancelled are discussed below:

 Cancellation or Parihar of Bhakoot Dosha

  1. Bhakoot Dosha gets cancelled If Rashi lords are same of both horoscopes, Bhakut dosh is said to be nullified. The 6-8 Bhakut dosha is said to be lessened in case of Aries-Scorpio, Taurus-Libra and 2-12 bhakoot is lessened for Capricorn-Aquarius. There is no Grah Maitri dosha and Gana Dosha.
  2. Bhakoot dosha in Moon chart but cancellation in Navamsha (D9) as Navamsha chart is related to spouse.

Bhakoot is the 2nd most important Koot in Ashtkoot Guna Milan or Horoscope Matching and having Bhakoot Dosha can be bad as it strongly suggest problems on the marital front. However there are Puja remedies for Bhakoot dosha which can cancel Bhakoot Dosha and the native can lead a very happy and normal life.

If you have Bhakoot Dosha in your Horoscope Matching, get a detailed Guna and Grah Milan Analysis of your Horoscope Matching. Look forward to help you with this Divine Knowledge. 

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  1. anuradha aryal

    My is scorpio and his is libra. We have 0/7. What can we do to remove this?? Please suggest me.

    • 2-12 Bhakoot Dosha is formed with Scorpio and Libra. This is not auspicious to have Bhakoot Score as 0 out of 7. Indicates Health problems and also financial problems in the couples life. You need to check if Bhakoot dosha gets cancelled and that is possible by checking both horoscopes in detail. If Bhakoot gets cancelled then marriage can be considered else marriage is not recommended.


      Navneet Khanna

  2. Pls kindly inform me, cause we have 27 points in total, Gana is 6, Nadi is 8, girl have low mangal. Is it good alliance for us? Thanks in advance!

  3. Pls kindly inform me, cause we have 27 points in total, Gana is 6, Nadi is 8, girl have low mangal. Is it good alliance for us? Thanks in advance!
    Ps Bhakut 0

    • Oleg, please note that although 27 points as per Guna milan is a good Score, because we have maximum as 36 and minimum required for marriage is 18. Therefore 27 is good. But Bhakoot 0 score is not good at all. There are three types of Bhakoot. You have not shared which Bhakoot Dosha you have, however Bhakoot dosha is very important and that is why it has high score of 7, only Nadi with 8 points is higher than Bhakoot. Therefore you can imagine how important Nadi is. Regarding mangal dosha, again Mangal dosha is when Mars is in the lagan, 4th, 7th , 8th and 12th house. All these placements have difference impact on marriage and relationship. If you want a details analysis of these dosha and also want to know if they get cancelled and analysis of the Marriage chart, you can always look at my Paid analysis from above.


      Navneet Khanna
      Vedic Astrologer

  4. Namastey panditji.
    Name : Tapas Gupta
    Dob : 26 may 1991
    Time : 2.40 pm
    Lucknow ,UP
    Name : Pooja Gupta
    Dob : 9 Sept 1991
    Time : 11.13 am
    Hyderabad ,Telangana

    We are having bhakoot dosha but we don’t know which kind of bhakoot dosha we have …panditji could you please suggest the solution for this and if we get married how our life wouldbe ..please panditji help as we facing lot of issues at home due to this.

    • Pooja What you have is a 2-12 Bhakoot dosha, which is not good as it indicated finance problems and health problems after marriage. You need to check if Bhakoot dosha cancellation is there before doing marriage.


      Navneet Khanna

  5. Hello Sir,


    Name: Himanshu Kumar
    DOB: 19-06-1988
    Time: 03:05 PM
    Place: Varanasi (U.P.)


    Name: Anchal Aggarwal
    DOB: 07-01-1989
    Time: 05:40 AM
    Place: Bhatinda (Punjab)

    Sir, We have an overall score of 24/36 but there is Bhakoot Dosha (Score:0). I want to know what type of Bhakoot Dosha we have (5/9, 12/2 or 6/8) and whether it can be nullified/cancelled? Please revert at the earliest possible.

  6. My DOB is 22-7-1996 n time of birth is 12:23pm. My girlfriend DOB is 10-10-1998 n time of birth is 9:37pm. Is everything perfect. Is there any bhakoot dosha. Please reply

    • There is No bhakoot dosha with the above birth details. However the horoscope of the girl is weak on the marital front. Doing remedies before marriage are important for marital happiness.


      Navneet Khanna

    • My DOB 14-10-1992, time 9:50am & my girlfriend DOB 12-10-1992 , time 00:25. We have 2-12 Bhakoot dosh what is it effect in marriage life and how we can cancel this Bhakoot dosh plzzzzzzz reply…..

      • Saurav the 2-12 bhakoot dosha is never good, it bring poverty , losses and health problems after marriage. Therefore checking for its cancellation is very important before getting marriage.


        Navneet Khanna

  7. in kundli matching with my partner i got 0 out 7 in bhakoot… because he belons to lea sign and my zodiac sign is capricorn, which bhakutdosh we have, and how to overcome it??


  8. in kundli matching with my partner i got 0 out 7 in bhakoot… because he belongs to leo sign and my zodiac sign is capricorn, which bhakutdosh we have, and how to overcome it??

    • You have 6-8 Bhakoot dosha. This is the most malefic Bhakoot Dosha which indicates health problems and chances of separation are strong. You should check if Bhakoot dosha gets cancelled before doing marriage.


      Navneet Khanna

  9. Namastey panditji.

    Name : Arka Prava Mukherjee
    Dob : 25 Oct 1976
    Time : 11.20 am
    Calcutta, West Bengal

    Name : Diana Kalinina
    Dob : 15 April 1987
    Time : 11.13 am
    Saint Petersburg, Russia

    Paditji, Can you please tell us if we have any bhakoot dosha in our marital match ? and If yes then what is the remedy.

  10. Namastey panditji.

    Name : Arka Prava Mukherjee
    Dob : 25 Oct 1976
    Time : 11.20 am
    Calcutta, West Bengal

    Name : Diana Kalinina
    Dob : 15 April 1987
    Time : 11.10 am
    Saint Petersburg, Russia

    Paditji, Can you please tell us if we have any bhakoot dosha in our marital match ? and If yes then what is the remedy.

    • Yes there is 2-12 Bhakoot dosha , the Grahmaitri score is also less as the Rashi lord of Arka is Mars and Diana is Venus. You should check if Bhakoot dosha gets cancelled before marriage.


      Navneet Khanna

  11. My Details:

    DOB: 06/01/1983
    Time: 08:30:00 AM,
    Place: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

    My girlfriend details
    DOB: 10/09/1990
    Time: 15:32:00 PM,
    Place: Kolkata, West Bengal, India….

    Pandit Ji requesting your help and revert at the earliest.
    I just checked that Bhakoot is showing as 0/7, which one combination is this ? and is there any chance we can become a happy married couple with remedies.

    Can people get married with this kind of Bhakoot after remedy ?

    Please help.


    • There is a 9-5 bhakoot dosha, the Girl rashi is Taurus and the boy rashi is Virgo. There is also Gana dosha which is not good. The gana dosha is formed as the girl belongs to the Rakshasa Gana and the boy belongs to Manushya Gana. Marriage should only be considered if Gana and Bhakoot dosha gets cancelled.


      Navneet Khanna

      • Hi Navneet Sir,

        ***In response to your reply***October 23, 2016 at 4:14 pm

        Thanks Sir for your quick response but just to update my Gana is Dev Gana.
        Requesting you to please reconsider and check if we can become a married couple.

        and also please let me know what is meant by “Marriage should only be considered if Gana and Bhakoot dosha gets cancelled” ?

        Does it mean cancelled by remedy or by marrying a girl with whom the Dosha will not be there.

        Please help Sir, i would be really grateful to you.


        • I stand corrected your is Dev Gana and the Girl is Rakshasa Gana that is why there is Gana dosha. What I mean is that marriage should be done if Bhakoot and Gana dosha get cancelled. There are astrological principles under which these dosha get cancelled. We need to check if your your horoscope matching falls under those principles , if they do that would mean that the bad effects of Gana dosha and Bhakoot dosha would not be felt and marriage can certainly be considered. I hope you understand now. Please Visit my Astrology Forum for Further Horoscope analysis and consultation.


          Navneet Khanna

          • Thanks Navneet Sir,

            Just in case if according to astrological principals of my Chart don’t cancel Bhakoot dosha, then is there any remedy with Puja/Mantra and Stones ?

            Sorry to pull you here over and overagain as i am unable to post in that link

  12. Boy – Kapil
    DoB – 3/6/1992
    Place- Hisar (Haryana)
    Time – 11:00am

    Girl – Surabhi
    DoB- 1/9/1992
    Place – udhampur ( jammu&kashmir)
    Time 8:30 am

    Sir our bhkoot is 0/7 and the boy is manglik. But we are in love since 3 years and planning to get married by 2017 dec. How would be our married life and what does 0/7 in bhakoot mean?

    • You have what is known as a 5-9 bhakoot dosha. Bhakoot is the second most important Koota in Ashtkoot Guna milan and its importance in Horoscope matching can not be ignored. The boy has strong Mangal dosha, which is also not good for marriage. Marriage should only be considered if Bhakoot dosha gets cancelled. You can always take a detailed consultation for effects, remedies and solution related to these doshas from paid services. You can look at “Horoscope Matching Kundli milan ” from below


      Navneet Khanna

  13. Hello sir,

    Boy : 06-05-1988, 11-45am
    Bellary, Karnataka

    Girl: 26-may-1989, 1-00 pm
    Kollegal, Karnataka

    Please tell me, is this match is good for marriage.?.. I found bhakoot score 0/7 this bhakoot is cancelable?

    Thanks in advance

  14. boy name- saurav , dob- 30/10/1989, 11.45 pm mandi (h.p.)
    girl name – prakriti , dob- 18/11/1988, 4.15 am, chandigarh
    pease sir tell me how would b our marriage life. as our guna 26/36. but bhakoot is 0/7 please suggests us

  15. namaskaar pandit ji
    (need your help)
    boy- abhishek
    dob- 22-11-1990
    time- 3:35pm
    place- bareilly (u.p)

    Girl- palak
    dob- 4-4-1989
    time- 1:30pm
    place- dehradun

    sir kindly help us we are in relation since 4 years. both of us are doctors.
    kindly help us about bhakoot dosh.
    our rashi lords are same.
    will bhakoot be still applicable?
    kindly reply

  16. Namaste sir,

    My daughter has a proposal she was born on 27/04/1987 at 5.37 am and the boy 19/07/1987 at 16.47pm.They have bhakoot 0. But they both graha together have Mars and Jupitor which I suppose nullified bhakoot.Please advise.Thank you.

  17. Nmastey pandit ji
    Name – ankush
    Dob -12/05/1990
    Place- palampur, hp
    Name – neha
    Dob -15/03/1992
    Time -2:57 pm
    Place – pathankot , punjab
    We want love marriege . kya hmari shadi khushaal rhegi . aaap hmari kundli match kr k btaiye. Or hme bhakoot 0 hai toh ye konsa h nd iske rhte shadi krne pe kya effect ho skta h

  18. Boy
    Name – Ashish Kumar
    Dob- 04-12-1988
    Birth place – SASARAM Bihar
    Time – 04 am

    Name- Ritu kumari
    Birth place- Ranchi jharkhand
    Time- 7:30am

    We want to love marriage, in our kundli Milan bhakut dosh is showing, which type of bhakut dosh is it pandit jee? And is remedy for this, plz reply sir

    • What you have is a 5-9 Bhakoot dosha. The Boy is born under the Hasta Nakshatra and Girl is born under the Uttarashadha Nakshatra. Marriage should be done only if the bhakoot dosha gets cancelled.


      Navneet Khanna

  19. Boy is Libra and Girl is Aquarius. How is the match?

    • This is a 5-9 Bhakoot dosha. Bhakoot dosha is never good in Horoscope matching. 5-9 Bhakoot dosha brings health and relationship problems. Marriage should be done if Bhakoot dosha gets cancelled and other factors in the Horoscope are strong.

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