Cancer and Gemini – Friendship, Love and Sexual Compatibility

Cancer and Gemini

Now this will be very perfect. A transparent person and another that is willing to provide solution to all the problems. This is what makes this match utterly the best in the universe so to speak. The motives are set on a long time sexual relationship as well as the need to understand each other. Therefore, let’s take a look at what this amazing combination brings to the table.

A First Time Encounter between Cancer and Gemini

The first date is always the best for these two. An easy give and take session that makes each other wish that the night never ends. Why is this the case? One is a soft spot of the other – holding the other together. Normally without the Cancer counterpart, then the unstable Gemini will be the player that they are always. This is why it is best to say that such a sexual compatibility utterly is remarkable!

Cancer Woman and Gemini Man

Now this will be an uphill task for the results to be as intended. Consider the cancer woman for instance. Though intelligent and caring, they are shifty when it comes to their moods. On the other hand, the Gemini man is the kind that lives a double life and is thus fully aware of the nature of his sexual partner. He will thus easily play his lover, without the latter noticing – making this really hard to work.

Cancer Man and Gemini Woman

Women natural love being listened to. This is why the unpredictable Gemini mate will always be presenting endless issues with her life to her Cancer lover. The latter will then respond in kind by offering solutions to all her problems, making their sexual relationship nurture, though it may not be that easy as well. Upside is that the close intimacy will with time nurture incredible sexual relationship.

What Now?

Now that we have taken a look at either parties, the next thing to focus on is the actual individual lifestyle of each and how it may impact on their sexual relationship. If you take a closer look at any Cancer person you know, you will realize that they are really reserved – not fully open to the rest of the world. This means that it is up to other people to really discover these people.

Along these lines, as for the Gemini, these are always open to the world. Letting the world in as it presents itself and full of zeal and mischievous behavior. They are somewhat difficult to read on when they are serious and when they are merely joking around. Flirty at one moment and then sexual in the next – on and off intermittently.

Where am I going with this? If you haven’t noticed, we have easily been able to tell the striking difference between the two. The only thing that may prove difficult for these two to be fully sexually compatible and for a long time is getting to know who wants what and at what time. So, as you can see, we noted at the start that this is the best sexual compatibility on one condition – UNDERSTANDING!

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