Cancer and Cancer – Friendship, Love and Sexual Compatibility

cancer and cancer compatibility

Of all the zodiac signs, cancer poses as the one of the most complicated or rather difficult to understand personality. Their emotional nature incorporated with their sentimentality makes them to always care of their loved ones especially family and home. Despite their sentimental and caring nature, cancer persons are not the type to blend in easily and their love and care to those that are close to them is not reflected to strangers.

Considering that they have quite an emotional nature, it does not go without saying that though they are easy to anger and will tend to hold a grudge for a long time, they will always forgive and forget which can be attributed to their pessimistic nature.

Their nature of always being contented and happy with whatever they have deems them rather less ambitious as they are happy with the tranquility and harmony that their home offers them.

Cancer male

Complex is definitely the word that can best describe the cancer male. The reason for this is that as a result of their sensitive nature, they are share and protective to some degree as well. The reason for this is the possibility of being rejected previously in their lives that results to them having a fear of the same happening again.

So as to win the heart of a cancer man, you will definitely have to make the first move, more so, you need to see to it that he completely trusts you and feels safe being with you.

Though loving, they can be quite a pain at times due to their pessimistic nature, moodiness and clinging to past mistakes. Their negative traits are however masked or rather veiled with their good-hearted nature, loyalty, generosity and creative nature among others.

Cancer female

Just as their male counterparts, the cancer female is of a complicated nature and despite this, deep down that are simply the most loving, caring and home-loving persons. Their vulnerability makes it quite a challenge to win their hearts- you need to earn their total trust.

If you have a thing for the cancer female, then you definitely need to be ready to make the first move. Always have it in mind that they like their partners faithful, honest and respectful.

Cancer and Cancer sexual compatibility in bed

They are of a very emotional nature and as a result, when it comes to love and romance, feelings do matter. The emotional nature therefore makes them best suited for each other since they will understand each other best.

Though calm, sensitive and seemingly tough on the outside, both the cancer male and the cancer female prefer to express what they feel in the physical nature via which they will need you to blend. This then brings us to their dominating nature or rather gluttonous nature when it comes to they being intimate with each other.

Considering their sensitive nature, cancer persons will normally be best suited for each other since they will understand each other better and when it comes to getting physical, this makes sex enjoyable by both parties.

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