Cancer and Taurus – Love and Sexual Compatibility

Cancer Taurus love compatibility

When the born lover and the born homemaker fall in love, you can expect nothing short of happiness, stability and a relationship that lasts forever. Their compatibility is deeply rooted in a similar outlook on life and shared values, making these two ideal lovers who are trusted allies and great friends.

Cancer and Taurus – Compatibility

At the very core of this relationship is a mutual desire for security and stability which is the foundation that makes this relationship very strong. While Taurus has a great need for emotional security, Cancer has an even greater need for emotional stability and security, making these two signs a perfect match in this regard.

When it comes to life at home, this match is simply perfect. Their compatibility is greatly focused on domestic life and family in general. Both make very great parents and believe that the family always takes first priority.

These two are however not very great social animals and much prefer to be in each other’s company and the company of their kids instead of visiting with friends and taking part in fun activities that are beyond the home.

Possessiveness is a major issue for both Taurus and cancer and their compatibility hugely depends on these two spending as much time together as possible, they have no problem working together. This will be fine by them but can at times upset extended family members or their mutual friends as they always seem to be living in each other’s pockets and this is how they like it.

This relationship grows stronger and stronger as they grow and mature together as the deeper they get into their partnership, the more they are going to understand and appreciate one another.

Like any other couple, these two will at times get into very heated arguments but Taurus stubbornness will make him or her forge ahead without regarding his/ her partner while cancer on the other hand will shut down emotionally and retreat. As such, it is very essential that this couple have an open conversation during such times otherwise they risk going further apart.

Cancer is a water sign and thus is able to nourish Taurus, which is an earth sign, helping bring out the best out of Taurus and Taurus on the other hand is able to soak up some of cancer’s extreme emotions thus helping cancer stay happy and grounded.

Cancer and Taurus – Sexual compatibility

Cancer and Taurus have a very intimate connection but they are also very private people and so they do not broadcast their love affairs to the public.

They are very sensual and have a very romantic and strong love life that they enjoy in their own privacy. They have a strong bond of love and they also have a deep respect for each other. These two aim to please each other and you can be sure of some great fireworks once the doors are closed.

Cancer and Taurus understand that a strong intimate connection is key to keeping their relationship strong.

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