Cancer and Sagittarius – Compatibility in Sex, Love and friendship

cancer and sagittarius

Looking for the best life partner? Well this is quite a simple query but its simplicity can definitely not be compared to the answer. Not even the most intelligent of beings can be able to point out the perfect spouse for you and as most say, you only live once hence it is only fair that you do not waste your one and only lifetime living a mistake.

Astrologers have found numerous ways of connecting our lives with the stars and getting to predict our personality. Though this may seem quite fraudulent to some, it is worth giving them a try. You can now get to know of how your spouse may turn out to be, what they like, what makes them tick and other interests that you most probably did not have knowledge of.

In this section, cancer and Sagittarius are our center of attention and so is their general personality as well as their compatibility in different parts of life.

A Male Sagittarius and a Female Cancer

Cancer is attributed to the role of the mother in a family. They will only care for those that are around them and have a bond with and this cannot be compared to the care that they have got for their loved ones.

Just like most ladies, the cancer woman will love and actually desire to be showered with complements. In addition to this, you need to make them develop a sense of belonging while with you, the best way via which you can get to achieve this is by maybe inviting them to your house for a date.

The male Sagittarius is normally of a sensual nature just as they are independent; they will prefer an expensive restaurant for their first date. One vice that may drive off cancer is his insensitive and unemotional nature.

A Female Sagittarius and a Male Cancer

A straight forward approach is normally preferred when you are after winning the heart of a Sagittarius woman no matter how extreme you feel you are getting.

At first, the male cancer may consider opening up to a person they had just met as being rather uncomfortable but once the two of you bond, it can be quite a thrill.

Insensivity is dreaded by the cancer persons as they will always see the need to have a sense of belonging and the feeling of being loved by their partners. Though this may be quite a setback, it is most probably what you have to worry about

Cancer and Sagittarius – Sexual Compatibility

Sagittarius has got the thighs as the most sensual body parts while cancer has the chest. In the bedroom, the latter is most responsive while the former is more exploring in nature as compared to cancer.

Though the two have got very little differences, they may not always be in favor of the stars since the clingy nature of cancer may piss Sagittarius off resulting to them leaving and this will undoubtedly leave cancer with a broken heart.

It is however always good to blend with the people of a different zodiac sign as you may never know the best partner for you.

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  1. I’m Manjunath Maski Born on 1st June 1987 at 4:30AM I’m Pushya Nakshatra and got married to Shwetha Kumari who has born on 12th Aug 1989 she is Jyestha nakshatra. its been 4yrs of marriage now, But I’m not happy, Daily we have lot of differences in our opinions and arguments. Mentally got disturbed feeling very low, feeling like my life is done. Need your guidance to come out of the situation.

    1. You should do complete horoscope matching and see whats planets are creating issues. Then you can do the remedies to bring about the positive results.


      Navneet Khanna

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