Cancer and Scorpio – Compatibility in Sex, Love and friendship

Cancer and Scorpio

Most of us would definitely like to have the best in life though it Is not always guaranteed that this will be the case at all times. The reason for this is that you do not have the knowledge of what is going to happen in the next second, minute, hour or day and owing to the unpredictable nature of life, most will not give a hoot of what fate has got in store for them.

Others on the other hand especially those who have been in a stormy past relationship will not like to take a risk and end up as they did in the past. Most people do believe in the zodiac signs while others see it as a bluff. Just as astrology can be used to predict things such as migration patterns, it can as well be applied in our love and sex life.

In this section, we are going to shade some light on Cancer who poses as the compassionate one and will be paired with Scorpio poses as the most intense and powerful one.

A Scorpio male and a Cancer female

Not most women are appreciative of men with a meek nature and they normally like to be in the company of a manly enough man. If you share this interest, then Scorpio is the best partner for you. It is worth taking note that even though they may at times seem calm of nature to the eye, they are always emotional in nature and quick to express their emotions at that.

Upon dating a Cancer female, Scorpio, this can be quite an interesting match as the date can have quite an unpredictable venue despite their different likes though it is best to place the date at home so as to win her heart over. The emotional nature of both Cancer and Scorpio makes the make a perfect match for her Cancer female counterpart.

The Scorpio male is normally pleased by honesty and openness is always advised

A Scorpio female and a Cancer male

The always-in-control nature of Scorpio extends to the female as well. She will only be ready to open up to the people that she trusts.

Owing to the emotional and caring nature of Cancer, Scorpio can definitely find no better shoulder to lay her head upon. Regardless of the diversity in their personality, the two will definitely work out for each other upon giving it a shot.

Are Scorpio and Cancer compatible in bed?

Classy is definitely the right word to describe Scorpio. Whereas Cancer is driven by simplicity and is less concerned by material things as compared to the concern they have on affairs of the heart, they will always be ready to try out something new with their counterparts while in bed.

The classy touch possessed by Scorpio deems it quite necessary for them to have a sensual setting in the bedroom. The list of things that the two can get to learn from each other is endless and it is worth giving it a try.


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