Retrograde Venus – Will Move Your relationship in a New Direction

Transit Venus Retrograde in Pisces

Venus the planet for love and romance gets retrograde every 19 months for about 42 days. This Year Venus retrograde is in the Libra as per Vedic astrology, which is its own sign. Venus retrograde is from 6th October 2018 till November 16, 2018.

During this above period, Venus will also be combust from 17th October 2018 till 31st October 2018. Venus will get combust as it will come close to the Sun. This is not a good period for marriage, making important purchases and making fresh investments. This is also not a favorable period for love and romance. Relationship may suffer and unnecessary tensions with partner could be there because of no major reason. Disharmony and dissatisfaction in the relationship is felt strongly when Venus is retrograde in the transit.

When we are talking about Venus retrograde we are referring to all kinds of relationships, it may be with friends, family members or a romantic and sexual involvement. Retrograde motion of a planet occurs when that particular planet seems to be moving backwards. Any retrograde period is a period when we focus on aspects of that particular planet.

During Venus retrograde our love life enters a period of introspection and reassessment. Giving and receiving love becomes more challenging. The period will be trickier because on one front you have Venus exalted making you honest towards your inner desire to make adjustments and move ahead in a new way. It will want you to forget and forgive, make a new beginning byways that have not been tried before. Therefore on one front, you have a period of combust Venus which may make the other person take unwanted and undue advantage of you and Venus retrograde that will push you towards being more practical in your love life. Relationships that have been under stress for some time will certainly come under scrutiny.

During this Venus retrograde don’t be afraid as you encounter a difficult situation in your love life. Some of you may face or create a difficult situation in your present relationship. The good thing about this period of Venus retrograde is that this is a good period to focus on your own self, your behavior as you move forward to mend your relationship. It is easy to find fault and mistakes in others, but difficult when we need to make a correction to ourselves. This period will help you do some self-introspection.

Many times we learn lessons through our experiences and this Venus retrograde period will help realize the true value of a good relationship. If there is a failure in a relationship and nothing has helped despite your past efforts, you may actually take the extreme step and move forward.  Venus retrograde in Pisces besides other things will teach you to value our self in a manner that you want. It will help you move forward and away from situations which have destroyed you emotionally.

Traditionally astrologers provide caution not to enter a new relationship during this period as it is likely to be brief and full of uncertainty. This is because Venus retrograde period is all about resolving issues on our relationship front and tying loose ends and even if needed end a relationship and move ahead.

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