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Normalize The Energy Centers In Your Body By Meditation


The chakras are the energy centers within your body that control how you feel and can even control your ability to interact correctly with the world around you. By understanding the different chakras and how the energies affect your body and your world, you can start to understand how managing the energy in these chakras will help you to have …

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What Are Chakras – Know their importance for Spiritual Gains

chakra healing

The spirit is a part of the human body that is not taken with the weight it should be. Spiritual wellness remains a new concept to the modern society. It should not be the case. Being healthy involves the mind as much as physical wellness. Focusing on the spirit, the matters of the soul are involved. Things like meditation, auras, …

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Astrology and Holistic healing (without medicines)

holistic healing

Diseases are caused due to placement of lagna lord in evil houses or by his association with evil planets. It means that Lagna lord should not be placed in 3,6,8 and 12.Similarly, lagna lord combining with lords of bad places(3,6,8 and 12) may cause diseases. Planets placed in 2 or 7 may cause diseases,as these two houses are said to be maraka houses. Diseases may also be …

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Penance(Tapas) method remedy for reducing evil planets effect


A person has to do tapas (penance) for 6 to 12 months. Astrology has borne out of natural laws of gravitation. 14 billion years ago, there was only one sun in entire cosmos. There was big explosion and nearly 10000 or 50000 suns formed. Our sun is one such sun. Again explosion took place, planets were separated from our sun. There are …

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Important dates for March 2016 as per Hindu Panchang

panchang february 2016

Important dates for March  2016 as per Hindu Panchang. मार्च 2016 के प्रमुख व्रत, पर्व-त्यौहार मार्च 2016  श्री महाशिवरात्रि व्रत                            07 मार्च   सोम फूलरिया दूज                                 10 मार्च   गुरु होलाष्टक (होलियाँ) शुरू                16 मार्च   बुध अन्नपूर्णाष्टमी                             …

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Retrograde Planet in Horoscope as per Astrology


Retrograde planets or vakri grahas as they are termed in Vedic or Indian astrology are those planets of the Solar System other than the two luminaries Sun and the moon which appear to be moving backwards in the natal chart. We know that different planets in the solar system have different orbital periods around the Sun. The three outer planets …

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