How to Choose a Reliable Astrologer for Astrology Reading

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In every field, there are genuine practitioners and of course, there are the quacks and the scammers. When it comes to Astrology, it would seem there are more scammers than genuine Astrologers these days.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry claims to be a Astrologer and offers astrology readings. A simple search for Astrologer online will come up with thousands of search results, majority of these astrologers are scammers who have tapped into the emotional needs of millions of people, and given false readings and predictions while ripping them off. Astrologers already have a bad rap without these fake astrologers making it worse. Thus, the purpose of this article is to show you a few differences between a fake astrologer and a real one that should make it easy to spot the fake Astrologers, stop falling for their scams and stop giving them all your money.

Firstly, a fake Astrologer will not make statements on issues specific to just you. His or her statements would be vague, general and could apply to a lot of people. When you meet a real astrologer, they will immediately tell you something important about your life at the beginning of your reading. It would be something specific to you and your life; something which you can easily and immediately identify as your own, and it would be relevant to the situation going on in your life at that time.

Secondly, if an Astrologer starts to ask you a lot of questions, like what profession you are in, about your relationship, or your past life, your “spidey” senses should begin to tingle because you are undoubtedly dealing with a fake psychic. Your birth date or star sign is important and used to find out what your horoscope says. But after that a genuine astrologer should tell you about your past, present and future. If the astrologer is only asking you questions that means he/she is fake and has not been able to focus on your birth chart. That shows his / her incompetence.

Once your astrologer asks too much questions, ask for your money back because that astrologer is 100 % fake. A genuine astrologer would not ask you too many questions about your life. It is his/ her job to impart a lot of information, information which he/she obtains from reading your horoscopes. A genuine astrologer will not need you to give any information beyond your name, date, time and place of birth.

Good astrologers believe honesty is the best policy; so don’t be surprised if they tell you things that make you dislike them. It is not their job to make you like them. It is their job to give you an honest reading and tell you things you need to know at that time, not to tell you things you want to hear. If your astrology reading seems to be completely in agreement with what is going on in your life, congratulations! You have just found a genuine astrologer.

Unfortunately, there are many fake astrologers than there are genuine ones, and sometimes it may seem like every astrologer is fake. It is basically about how accurate and specific their statements about you are to you. With the above pointers, you should be able to quickly distinguish a fake astrologer from a genuine one and stop paying money for fake readings.

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