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Evaluation of a Horoscope using Astrology Software

astrology software

Evaluation of a Horoscope using Astrology Software To a layman, a horoscope is nothing but a chart drawn on a piece of paper using 12 boxes either drawn in a square or circular shape as is illustrated below. Does it make any sense to you? Obviously not, unless you have some knowledge of Astrology and have seen such charts before. ...

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Ruling Planets in K.P. Astrology

ruling planets

A unique contribution of   late K.S. Krishnamurtiji  to the  science of Astrology is proper application of Ruling Planets or RPs . This never has been used in old astrological literature. Ruling planets are   the planets that rule the mind of the querist, they decide the time of  events & they decide the fruitful or harmful nature of  events . Ruling planets ...

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What is Pitra dosha – How Pitra Dosha Effect Us

pitra dosha

There are innumerable references in astrological literature & Mythological literature Brahma  Puran, Matsya Puran  , Garun  Puran  about pitra -dosha. Presence of pitra -dosha in horoscope can trouble the native with various   problems related to emotional, physical, social professional level in his life. According to references  — this dosha being KARMIC DEBT  or RINANUBANDHA  generated by  bad   deeds ( mansa vacha  karmana)  by   ancestors or by native himself in his previous births  as –Law of karmas  or deeds  in moral sphere teaches  that  similar  action will ...

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Day to day Predictions in Astrology!!!

astrology predictions

Day to Day Predictions in Astrology! Vedic Astrology is a divine science which has been given to us human beings as a road map which will facilitate our journey through Life from birth to death.  Then who wants day to day predictions? Those who do not wish to have them can have week to week predictions or month to month ...

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Predictions in Astrology – A critical analysis


Of late, I have found tendencies among astrologers to predict each and everything using Astrology. Most of these are misinterpreting the axioms in Astrology which gives some placebo effect to problems of their clients, some real and some imaginary.  Astrology is not a predictive science and if we could predict future events with certainty, it would have been much better ...

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Insight into Horary / Electional Astrology


As a sequel to my earlier article on Astrology, here in this article I am giving an answer to  how a person who does not know his date or time of birth can make use of this divine science.Every one of us has problems in our life sometime or other.  These problems could be of varying kinds like financial problems, ...

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