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Clear Debts and Loans Astrologically – Best way to clear debt

Taking a short term loan is not uncommon these days and with the bank lending various types of unsecured and secured loans like personal loans, business loans, home loans etc. People these days get easily attracted to taking a loan and then paying back in installments. However the uncertainly of the world is higher today than ever before. There is huge economic recession and unemployment is probably at all time high. In India the past few years have seen a drastic slowdown in economic growth and the value of money has devalued a lot only to make imports even more expensive and things like petrol and diesel very expensive and high inflation. Jobs have been dwindling and many people are finding it difficult to meet end because of this economic slowdown.

6th house in the horoscope represents loans, litigation and debts. If we want to check on which thing the native will take loan we need to look at the placement of the 6th lord in the horoscope. The placement of the 6th lord in 10th house indicates that the native will take loan for profession. It can be business loan. The native can take the loan, bank credit facility for promoting business activities, working capital and purchase of machinery. The placement of 6th lord in 4th house indicates that the native can take personal loan for his house. It also means that the native may take a home loan. If aspect or conjoined is with Saturn the native can borrow money to purchase land. If conjoined or aspect with Mars the native would borrow money to buy flat and if with Venus  the native may take loan for purchase of vehicle like a Car loan. 6th lord conjoined with 9th and 12th house indicates native taking debt /loan due to education in a distant place. It could also be education loan for studying overseas.

Taking a loan may not be a problem, but paying back can be especially problems when there is an economic climate as gloom as that has been prevailing for past few years.  The strength of the 6th house is very important to see if the native can pay back his debts /loans. Not everyone can and some may face problems like litigation, legal notices, and attachments of assets and distress sales of property.

Best way to Clear Debts Loans Astrologically

Mantras are very effective for clearing debts that are on the native. These Vedic Mantras have enormous powers to remove the debts that are creating problems for the native and make him/her live a happy and peaceful life.

Bhairav ​​mantra for freedom from debts / loans

ऋण मुक्ति के लिए भैरव मन्त्र

ॐ ऐं क्लींम  हींम  भम भैरवाय  मम ऋणविंमोचनाय

महा महाधनप्रदाय  क्लींम स्वाहा |

विधि: रविवार को सुकलपक्ष मे हस्त या पुष्या नक्षत्र हो तो उस दिन संकल्पपूर्वक मन्त्र का जाप प्रारम्भ करके प्रतिदिन १२ माला २१ दिन तक लगातार करे| रविवार या मंगलवार को कन्याओ या छोटे बच्चो  को मीटा  भोजन दे |

Method of Reciting this Mantra: This Mantra starts on Sunday during the period of Shukal paksha and in the period of Pushya and Hasta Nakshtra.  12 Mala Jaap should be done for consecutive 21 days. Give sweet food to young children on Sundays or Tuesdays.

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