8 Common dreams and their meaning

dreams and their meanings

What do your dreams really mean?

DREAMS are one of the most beautiful things in everyone’s life. People love to dream and do you believe that dreams have a deeper meaning? This is really surprising and most of the people answer to this question is yes. Dreams have a deeper meaning and they reveal unconscious desires and wishes. Dreams are the royal roads to unconsciousness. Well, let’s take a look at some common dreams and their meaning.

Here are the 8 most common dreams and their interpretations

Dreams on falling down

This is one of the very common dreams that we get often. Falling from great heights is very common in the dream. Well, there a myth that if you fall from a great height and hit the ground it indicates death in your real life. It is not true! According to the dream interpretation falling from the heights is the sign that things are not going well in your life. It is suggested that you have to think many times before taking any decision. Even a small mistake can change your life badly.  On the other hand dream of falling is very common and it is a symbol of fear in real life.

Dreams on being naked in public

Dreaming about being naked is very unusual. Well, dreaming about being naked in public indicates that you are afraid of revealing something important, imperfection or shortcomings in your life.

Dreaming about being chased

Dreaming about being chased by the known or unknown attacker is terrifying. These types of dreams are very common and it indicates that you are trying to avoid something unnecessary in your life. On the other hand, this type of dream indicates that you are trying to escape from your own fears or desires. If you dream about being chased by an animal then you are hiding your anger, passion or other feelings that are important to you. If your dream is about being chased by the opposite sex it means you are afraid of love or you are hunted by the past relationship.

Dreams about losing teeth

Dreams about losing teeth indicate multiple meanings. The first thing is that you are worried about your appearance and attractiveness. If you lose teeth in your dream you will lose your personal power and ability to be self-confident and self-protectiveness.

Dreams about dying

This is another common subject of dream and much disturbing. This type of dream reflects anxiety about changes in life or fear of unknown things or persons. Dreaming about the death of a loved one can reflect the fear of changes in your life. Dreams about death symbolize the ending of something or transition in your life. This indicates self-discovery and positive development that is happening or will happen in your life. As you are undergoing the transitional phase you will become enlightened or you will attain spiritual development. On the other hand dream about death indicates that you are moving to the new phase of your life leaving the past events in your life behind.

Dream about taking the test

Taking a test in a dream might reveal a fundamental fear of failure in your life. Studies also reveal that these types of dreams are very common. Examinations are stressful which are made to face the upcoming. Dream of taking the test and failing shows you are unprepared for the future challenges.

Dream about flying

This is one of the most common and interesting dreams for many. This dream can be exciting and liberating but sometimes it is frightening. Well, the dream of flying represents two different sides, one side this type of dream represents freedom and independence and on the other side, this indicates the desire to escape from the realities of life. Dream about flying always indicates a positive feeling of pleasures and expresses the freedom from social norms and restrictions.

Dream about pregnancy

This type of dream indicates that the woman fears about being an inadequate mother. Also, this dream presages the difficult times in life.


So what do you think? Some of these dreams and interpretations seem accurate to you. If not, just not to worry your dreams are unique and they are highly personal. Consider your dreams as a reflection of your potential and analyze the personal meaning of your dreams. Last but not the least dreams are just a reflection of things that you face in your daily life.


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