How is Duryoga in Vedic Astrology formed and its effects

How is Duryoga in Vedic Astrology formed and its effects

Duryoga is formed when lord of the 10th house is in the trik bhavas or the 6th, 8th and 12th house. The native will not derive the fruits of his efforts. He would be looked down by others and not given due respect. The native will be selfish and always looking at self gains rather being generous and thinking of others. The native will live away from home. The native will struggle in all endeavors of professional career. The native will not go well with his father. The support and help from father would be little or not at all.

The 10th house is the house opposite to 4th house in the North Indian Horoscope. 4th house is the bhava of motherland, home environment, family happiness, home and family protection and 10th house is opposite to 4th and represents outside world where the native is away from the protection that has received as a child. The 10th house is connected with status and position. Honor that the natives earns in society. It is about fame or notoriety,  If the 10th house and 10th lord is strong it will bestow fame, position and good reputation. If the 10th house and 10th lord are weak and afflicted the native will lose reputation and suffer in career. The 10th house is the limelight house and it should be strong for enabling the native to get professional success, fame, reputation in life. The difference between the 4th and the 10th house needs to be understood to understand duryoga. The 4th house is the symbol of ones home and the 10th is connected with the outside world. If the 10th lord is posited in the malefic bhava and gets weak the native will not get the results he/she desires.

When the 10th lord is in the malefic or the trik bhavas the native will lose the inner strength and the malefic influence will make him insignificant in the eyes of others. The native will be greedy, selfish and possess many qualities which are not conducive to making one honorable. One who has Dur Yoga is not supposed to derive benefits of his own efforts. Therefore no matter how much efforts the native puts in his work the results will not be favourable . Others may even take the credit for his work. Appreciation and rewards will not be bestowed upon the native with such yoga. Of the three malefic bhavas the 12th house is considered to be least malefic so far as this yoga is concerned. While depriving him the fruits of his efforts, it will at least give him qualities that the native will be able to earn respect from others.


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  1. navneet sir
    I am not getting job, kindly help me and guide
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    1. You have Rahu in the 11th house which is the house of gains, therefore problems in finances will be there. Also you are in the Mahadasha of Rahu. Doing the Rahu remedies you will find much relief and get a job as well.

      Recite Mantra Om Brim Rahave Namaha 108 times daily.

      Give Satnaja ( mixture of 7 grains) to the birds daily.


      Navneet Khanna

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