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Saturn in Scorpio

Saturns Transit in Scorpio – Brings Period of Transformation

Scorpio is a fixed and second watery sign of the zodaic. Mars the planet of energy and power is its lord. When we study the zodiac we find that Scorpio is the sign that follows the sign of Libra. Libra ruled by Venus is predominately the sign for partnership, close affiliation, sex and having balance in the relationship. It has the ability to comprehend and work as a team, build partnership and have a fair and unbiased relationship. Saturn gets exalted in Libra and purely as a planet of determination, sincerity it gives the energy to work towards a long lasting relationship. The purpose of the partnership under the influence of Saturn in the sign of Libra is equality and it may be in any partnership either marriage or business, but the purpose and goals are common and united.

Scorpio is the sign after Libra, which on the other hand is about transformation, extremism and uncompromising attitude. Scorpio is the sign where Moon the planet of emotions and sentiments get debilitated. It means that Scorpio natives do not get carried by emotions. They do not get sentimental and take decisions under emotional stress. Scorpion is known for being intense and shrewd. Scorpios can be vengeful and vindictive; they can also be mysterious and selfish. Moons debilitation in Scorpio indicates that they rarely can be controlled emotionally. They can be diplomatic and get what they want.  They know how to keep their emotions under control and not letting others misuse them.  It will not be wrong to say that it is a sign of revolt, aggression and getting what you want irrespective if it is right or wrong.

Saturn is about perseverance and hard work. In the sign of Scorpio it only invigorates the Mars energy more and strengthens the thoughts. It is about understanding the responsibilities. Focusing even deeply on what you want. Saturn behaves like a generational father figure, someone who transformational energy, gives boost and willpower. Both energies are highly strong and can bring major change; it may bring chaos, anarchy and mayhem. Many revolutionary and world events have happened during the transit of Saturn in Scorpio. It only signifies that it is the period of transformation and change.

I’m reminded of a man who was considered good for nothing during his childhood days. He was ridiculed and mocked by others.  The native has Saturn in Scorpio, the native decided that he needs this to change and cannot let himself be a subject of ridicule in his circle. The native studied and passed a Govt. exam. He got himself a decent job and did hard labor to show to the world that he was an important and capable person in his own right.  This was the act done by Saturn to guide Mars energy to bring the necessary change, the transformation needed and modify him for the better.  The native did not get emotional, miserable and dejected with his state because of Scorpio but decided to do revolt against what was happening against him and put the injustice to end.

Saturn in Scorpio may not be looked purely as a period of destruction, mayhem and revolt which is temporary as the native struggles to get what he wants but a period of transformation and certainly a new beginning.

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