Foreign Travel in Astrology – Important Yogas for Settlement

Foreign travel in astrology

Foreign Travel In Astrology

A trip to a foreign country is a luxury and privilege that not many achieve during his or her lifetime. This is one of the most common questions one is curious to know through astrology after marriage and wealth. Today people are interested to go abroad for pursuing higher education, business opportunities, holiday, and also for a job. Some people want to go abroad for permanent settlement. We will read below some of the important astrology combinations related to foreign travel in ones horoscope.


Check foreign Travel in Astrology: 

Checking Foreign Travel or Videsh yog in the kundli is fairly easy if you can read the horoscopes.

To understand how to check foreign travel in astrology, we need to understand the houses in astrology. Actually, there are many houses connected with the journey like the 3rd house, 9th house and 12th house.

The 3rd house is the house for small journeys. This can be day trips.

The 9th house of the birth chart is the house of distant travel. These can last from weeks, months to Years.

The 12th house of the horoscope is the house of foreign settlement. This house is very important to check foreign settlements.


If you want to check your astrology for going abroad, a foreign trip, or a Foreign settlement. Read below

A strong 9th house indicates that the native will travel to far away land. If there is the sign Sagittarius or Pisces which are the signs belonging to Jupiter and the Jupiter Dasha is going on then the native will frequently go on a pilgrimage. If there is a connection with 9th house and 12th house it indicates that the person will go overseas for a spiritual journey, like those visiting Kailash Manasarovar, Shirdi Sai Baba or Mata Vaishno Devi etc.

If there is a sign Gemini or Virgo then the native will go to a distant place for education. Mercury is the planet for education, intelligence, and knowledge. Mercury linked with the 9th house indicates the native will do foreign travel to a distant place for education or higher studies. A strong link between the 9th house of the birth chart and the 12th house indicates permanent or temporary stay abroad. This stay can be students pursuing higher education in foreign universities. However, a strong 12th house with malefic like Rahu indicates permanent settlement for the native. So a malefic like Rahu in a 12th house can be good as it indicates foreign travel in astrology.

The presence of the malefic planet in the 4th house indicates a foreign settlement as well.  4th house signifies homeland and malefic present or aspecting the 4th house and the 4th lord indicates settlement away from home. The link between the lagnesh and the 12th house indicates the native’s inclination to settle overseas. Malefic in the 4th house and the connection between the 1st and 12th indicate the native’s desire to stay away from his country of birth. A movable sign in lagan or the house where lagan lord occupies indicates the person’s strong desire to move away from one place to another place. Such natives will not be stationary in one place and would always be on the move. Further Rahu posited in 4th house or aspect on Lagna only makes this condition much stronger in the native chart.

 One thing to remember is that the presence of a dual-natured sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) or a movable sign (Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) in the 9th house enhances the probability of foreign travels as compared to fixed signs.

The lord of the 10th house connected with the 12th house indicates the native going overseas for business/ job/ project. The probability of staying overseas depends upon the sign and the strength of the significators involved. Rahu connected with 4th, 9th , 10th& 12th also indicates a strong yog for foreign travel in astrology.

If the lord of the house of marriage or the 7th house is associated with the 9th or 12th house, it indicates foreign travel after marriage; the native may go for a honeymoon in a foreign country.

The relationship between the lord of the 4th house and the lord of the 9th house indicates a trip related to a foreign land. It could be for higher studies or for a teaching mission.

If the lord of the 10th house and the lord of the 4th house are present in the 12th, it indicates a trip for career or professional advancement.

If the 12th lord is in the 4th or the 5th house the native has a strong chance of overseas education.

Should the 12th lord be posted in the 9th house, the native will take many foreign trips.

An ascendant lord in 12th house with an aspect from Saturn denotes difficulty in a foreign country. The native will go abroad but have problems in the settlement.

If Jupiter is posited in the 12th house the native will go overseas and save a lot of money. If however, the 12th lord is in the 11th house the native visit may prove futile, as the native will spend all money he/she tries to save.

If the lord of 6th house is present in travel related Yogas, the person will travel to a foreign country on official assignments assigned by his employer. The involvement of the Sun in Yogas related to foreign travels indicates journeys towards the eastern direction and since Sun is the head of the solar system and of the huge size it also represents long distance travel. The involvement of Saturn in the Yogas related to foreign travels indicates a trip towards the western direction and since it is far away from Sun, it indicates long-distance travel.


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    1. Respected Sir,

      Do I have any possibility of traveling to overseas for foreign settlement or for few years? If yes, what is the likely period?
      DOB 5-12-88
      Time: 21:15
      Place: dharwad, Karnataka

      Thank you.

    2. Dear Sir,

      I am looking for H1B i.e US work permit visa.Last time I hav applied for visa,But unfortunately my file is not picked.This year again i am applying for H1B for the year 2015.Lottery will be done in the month of april 2015.Please suggest me whether as per my astrology do i have a chances to move USA or will i get visa?If i get visa will that be a successful migration to usa & I will get a good settlement/future?Looking forward for your reply.

      DOB 27 aug 1987
      Time: 5.12 am
      Place: Hanamkonda,City : Warangal,State : Telangana

      Thank you.

    3. Do i have chancea of foreign settlement. Though i have travelled to many countries but looking for foreign settlement in some western counties. Currently I am residing in India.
      DoB : 19 November 1979
      ToB : 11:15 p.m 2315hrs
      PoB : Delhi

      Kindly suggest …can we follow some remedies also…pls guide

    4. Dear sir

      I and my husband stays apart due to job at different places . will we live together and do we have any foreign travel
      Dob :08/02/1987
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      Thanking you

    5. name : shantnu das
      place of birth : sitamarhi (bihar)
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      can you please tell me about my chances of going abroad.

    6. Name:-Richa Saxena
      place:-Farrukhabad (Uttar Pradesh)
      birth date:- 25/10/1985
      Birth time :-00:10 am night
      Can you please tell me whether is there any chance currently for me to work and settle in abroad and if yes, till when i can stay abroad?

      Waiting for your reply

      Thank you

    7. Yes your horoscope does support foreign travel and work, however it is not good for settlement. Are you facing any issues in marriage. ??????

      Please use the astrology forum for Questions.


      Navneet Khanna

    8. Name:-sabik rrana
      place:-Kathmandu ,Nepal
      birth date:- 18/06/1989
      Birth time :-21:10 pmnight
      Can you please tell me whether is there any chance currently for me to study abroad in US as i am applying for US and settle in abroad

      Waiting for your reply

      Thank you

    9. Guruji my DOB is
      8th March 1989 place of birth is Azamgarh (Thekma) Time of birth is 11:40 pm
      or 23.40
      For the last 4-5 years i tried for overseas job but never get succeeded, So plzz.. tell me in which year and month my foreign travel happened..

    10. Dob.20/6/1989
      place of birth : belgaum(Karnataka)
      time : 5:22 am

      can you please tell me about my chances of going abroad.

    11. d.o.b – 29-8-1990
      Time : 10: 10 AM
      Place : Chirala ,Andhrapradesh

      Sir, I am trying to go abroad for study , Do i have foreign travel and settelment .Please let me know.

    12. Hi,

      Born on 12th Nov 1991, Kannur, kerala
      Time 19:35

      Please tell me do I have any to go to USA and settle down there?

    13. Hii my date of birth is 15/12/1992 barnala Punjab timing 11.40 am I want to apply for Australia can I apply or not.plz tell me

    14. Hi my date of birth is 20 /5/1987
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      Do I have chances of traveling abroad and government job ..plz tell

    15. Sir
      is there any chances for foreign job these days if it is then for which country
      Vishnu Krishnankutty

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